So book blogging peeps, how do you manage your blog?

Bookish Verbosity is a non-regular feature at AEROPAPERS where I talk about topics that are related to books, blogging and the community.

I have poor management/time skills. There I said it. I really can’t follow my own schedule so I didn’t even try to schedule to be perfectly honest. Except maybe those that are only temporary features (like my pet project which I decided to post every Thursday). But other than that, I try not to schedul anything. If you noticed I even dropped other memes. Only this (Bookish Verbosity) and Hot Off the Press are the ones that I religiously update. I realized my skill on time management has limit so I have to chock them off to give way to others that I know I can follow.

Also, when it comes to reading, I pick up a book that I feel like reading that day. It could be an ARC or my books; it really, really depends on my mood. So it’s hard to guess, even for myself, on which book I’ll be reading and writing a review.  And writing a review after reading the book totally works for me. Even my GR profile is not good indicator of what I’m reading. That’s how spontaneous I am. LMAO.

This year, I started participating on book promotion, like book tours, cover reveal, and blitzes. But there was one time when I almost forgot that the book tour was due the next day. I’m so glad that I already read the book, I only need to write review. Because I don’t want to be forced to read & review, I decided I’m cutting temporarily my ties to the whole shindig. Well, just temporarily, it was fun the sched just drives me bonkers.

And this whole post? Well, this is a result of me having no idea what to post for my discussion. It does make me sound like a slacker. But I’m totally serious about my blogging despite me having no organization skill at all. So I might not be using calendars to schedule my post. Maybe I read impulsively. Or maybe I write clumsy reviews. And maybe I‘m introverted blogger but that doesn’t mean I’m not serious on what I do. The thing is I love what I do, a less organize way.  :3

So how about you, how do you manage your blog? Do you think it totally works for you. 😉

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. — Steve Jobs