How do you handle comments that strongly’ disagree agree with your book review?


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Sometimes I take criticism of my work too much than what it supposed to, I admit that (but I deal it inwardly). And because I knew the feeling, I try to be very careful on what I write. That said, I’m not withholding my opinion or am I sugar -coating things; I’m just careful on what I’m going to say. I mostly do pro-con thing when it comes to reviews. I state what I like and laid out what I don’t. I might hate the book but I don’t tear it apart for other readers.

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But even though I have this mindset there is someone who will take my words more than what they are. Reading and reviewing for me is subjective. I write negative reviews. And it’s inevitable not to because even though I want to love or like all the books I read, it just impossible. It is not going to happen despite my utmost enthusiasm. But there were times (which is really, really rare—like ‘once-in-a-blue-moon’ rare) I received comments telling me that they don’t agree with me (and was even challenged to write my own book because of it *sighs*).

Respect begets respect, right? Your passion should not rule you to disregard respect. I always believe that. It is why I don’t comment on reviews that I don’t agree with (but that’s just me). However there’s nothing wrong leaving comments as long you stated it in an objective (polite) way. You’re not there to goad the writer; you just want a healthy discussion. And I love discussion! (Reading it mostly since I’m not really loquacious.) But I wouldn’t go that far asking the person to retract what he/she said because I don’t agree with him/her. It’s counterproductive for me, futile even. I won’t go to a negative review of Ignite Me and tell that person she was wrong. Because she isn’t. Because that’s her opinion and I respect that.

I find it disrespectful if you press hard your opinion on me. I value everyone’s opinion and I think we all should. I read negative reviews and highly value them; it balances out my perception of the book. While it factor in on my decision, it will not deter me from loving the book. Me loving or hating a book is mine alone. Like it is yours, too. We just need to accept that we interpret books in different and various ways, hence our different opinions.

ETA: I’m referring to comments that strongly disagree with you. Ones the pressing their opinion on you (as in trying to provoke you). It’s natural to not agree on something and it’s ok to voice out your opinion on it without disrespecting others.

So it’s your turn bookish peeps, what can you say about people who disagree with your book review? How do you handle it? Care to share it with me?