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Is it really measurable? Do you find yourself successful? Bookish...

Is it really measurable? Do you find yourself successful?


Bookish Verbosity is a non-regular feature at AEROPAPERS where I talk about topics that are related to books, blogging and the community.

Have you ever wonder how do people determine their success book blogging wise? In what terms? Followers? ARCs? Commenters? Blogs stats? It’s hard right? At some point they all take part of how we rate our blogs. This is how publisher decide if they’re going to issue you their highly coveted advance copies. But how do we feel about it? Are you happy? Is the pressure started to get into you? Are you starting to feel exhausted?

But what really is book blogging to you anyway? A hobby? Work? Or somewhere in between? 😉

Book blogging for me is a hobby. I love what I do regardless of whatever becomes of the norm. And I can safely say that will remain that way as long as I’m happy doing it. Some people are very passionate about it that they give a lot of time honing their hobbies. Seeing themselves succeed in what they do is already a great reward for them. That definitely is true. As for me, I just love reading and I love writing my opinions. The feeling of reading a great book then bursting my feelings out in the open is probably the greatest and the most rewarding part for me and the rest are just secondary.

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After blogging for years, I’ve been fortunate enough to read advance copies (digital galleys only). ARCs are good incentive but shouldn’t be a big part of why you want to become successful. I think a lot had been said about it and the most important fact about it that they are “advance” copies. They will hit the shelves soon so don’t get sad when you don’t get one. I was when I got my first rejection but after so many times, I didn’t care much anymore. If they approved then thanks if not then so be it. I can read it eventually anyway. So never ever think that you are less than the others because you don’t have what they have. Push yourself to achieve that. Avoid getting jealous, a negative emotion like that will not get you anywhere, motivate yourself to be good.

Just because I’m contented with what I am that doesn’t mean I wanted to stick here forever. Of course I seek improvement as well. I think what really stuck to me from grad school was that never stop learning. Every day I wanted to be good especially my writing but I still don’t want the pressure to devour me. I want it running smoothly and maybe that’s the key reason why I’m still doing it and still loving it. I would never let myself consume on the thought that I must follow how people run their blogs. Or what becomes the norm. This is not what book blogging is all about for me. It is sharing your passion. Promoting good books.  It’s helping others. And when you’re sincerely happy with what you do then I think you can consider yourself successful.

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”  — Bruce Lee

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