Not sure where I read this (I ninja mode on several forums to pass time, too) but it’s very profound idea of literary consumption that it lingered on me for a while! The gist of the person point was people are gravitating to complex stories because of their mundane lives! I think what it mean is to compensate the lack of big events happening on their everyday lives that they resort on literature as catharsis (which admittedly is my reason why I read too), filling gaps to our ordinary lives. And that kind of thinking struck to me because my life is very routinely. And perhaps, I do seek interesting stories to excite me!

I love reading. I love submerging myself in stories. It’s the best way to pass the time for me. Even though I don’t have such deep reason on why I started reading, the act itself is profound to me. I am aware that in many ways that what I’m reading, or watching for that matter aren’t real but that doesn’t make it less interesting to me. To be able to live in numerous lives & unique every time through stories are in itself make it so bewitching. The stolen moments reading brings me, as if temporarily removing myself from reality and totally immersing in the world of my favorite characters is truly enchanting! And that’s why I gravitate so much to reading. Maybe there’s a hint of truth on that explanation. That maybe I might be attracted to read complex stories because it expands my world that restricted by reality.

Then I back-pedaled a bit. I realized it’s not totally 100% accurate—in my case that is. You see my reading options is pretty diverse (if I say so myself)  and even let’s say I have a complete lackluster life (by someone else’s standard) does not mean I always go for complicated, heavy stories. I admired simplicity (you should already know that that this is my one true aesthetic in life!) I also love reading simple stories. Even the simplest of plot can invoke great emotions out of me! The relatability is also there! So no, my life events do not necessarily influence my reading choices!  Because at the end of the day, simple or not, my enjoyment matters! I appreciate great writing from the most humble to the most complex there is!

For me, my reading choices or the philosophy behind it don’t need to be debated. I read what I read! As I said I’m equally fond of simple stories as much as the complicated ones. The mental adventures I have whenever I drown myself in reading are an undeniable invaluable experience, even if it only remains in the confinement of my head.

How about you? Do you agree that life happenings correlate to your reading choices? Yes? No? Why though? I would love to read your thoughts about it!