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Title: Born at Midnight Series: (Shadow Falls #1) Author: C.C....

Title: Born at Midnight
Series: (Shadow Falls #1)
Author: C.C. Hunter

I’ve been dying to read this one, and the long wait paid off. I absolutely love it. I was telling Sarah (my sister, whose name should be mentioned by now, by her request, nonetheless) it’s been a while since a character left a big (a massive, huge – get the picture) impression on me. And Lucas, alone, is worth the five star rating, I’m giving to this book.

Schools are big part of YA (duh, they are teenagers, where do normally these guys hang out if not there). YA have tons of exclusive school for the supernaturals (Hex Hall, hello??). This book have the same thing, although, it is known for the mundane (aka that’s us, just mortal, measly human beings) school for juvenile delinquents. Pretty much the same boat, but this time it’s a camp (hooray for the difference). Sarcastic opinions aside, the story is about Kylie, and she was sent there because she was found in a house where there are partying teens with no parental supervision + drugs (not a very good scenario). Long story short, she was forced to attend the camp. What she didn’t know it was a camp for supernatural beings – vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, faeries etc. She, however, didn’t know if she is one of them, as she didn’t see any particular different about her. Then, she was told that she might be perhaps a ghost whisperer, because of her experience with ghost, though her exact origin is still unknown. There, she wanted to find out what she is – what she really is. She also met friends, boys (two boys to be exact, one of them is the yummy Lucas). It’s a journey of finding herself, in a camp setting.

I really don’t know how to write a proper summary, so pardon me with the crappy one I managed to write. Comparing it to Demon Kissed the plot wasn’t very unique, it really reminded me of Hex Hall, minus Sophie’s exquisite taste in sarcasm (no one can beat her with that, hands down she is the queen). The book was told in third point of view, though after some (a lot) reading I don’t mind this anymore. Going back to my previous point, it has, yes, similarities to Rachel Hawkin’s novel, but that just the idea, I think this book can stand alone on it’s own without the comparison (I’m the one giving a big deal out of it anyway). Needless to say, I still find it unique – in some wicked way (or maybe I’m the only one disregarding the flaw. Hey, I love it, so what was the point of tightly scrutinizing it for).

This is what Demon Kissed seriously lacked; character – actually personalities of these characters. I love Miranda, Della, Derek (he is ok, no grudge, or anything, though I’m camping Team Lucas all the way) and Kylie. Although, Kylie almost gave me a terrible eye strain for rolling my eyes with frequent mentioned of the status of her boobs. From being spilled by beer to pushing it to someone’s chest (or back) from cradling a kitten on it – no a guy who is a shape shifter (speaking of which, I like Perry). I think there’s a lot of breast and boobs mentioned in the book. Hey, don’t judge me, it was so often that I remember (not that I’m actually counting). *coughs* I like all the characters, how simple yet appealing they are. They aren’t perfect (who is, anyway) and still have room for more depth (although I’m really enjoying the way they are now). I’d like to see how their characters grow, that’s fun thing to read.

And as much as I am a fan of love triangle, I really like that there’s an obvious aspect with the girl’s attraction with the guys, a solid reason why, you get my point? So it’ll be clear for the readers to know what the heroine might like him about them (sans the obvious physical traits, that’s given of course). At least give us a hint who is actually weighs more on her. Unless we are talking who make out with her the most, then that’s Trey, and I don’t even like the sound of that. Bleck! So far she is distant to all of them and yet, she have extreme attraction to, yes, believe or not, all of them (the guys that are attracted to her). And so far, from what I’m reading (not in the literal sense, k?) they have fairly equal chances (excluding Trey).

So do I need to say more about Lucas? Well, here’s some brief, restrained fangushing of him. I love him! It’s really been a while since I’m really devoured with a character, after Beck (of Demon Trapper’s Daughter) no one comes close. But here he is, with blue eyes, and super mysterious, bad boy slash nice guy image. I’m just annoyed that the author pulled a — as my sister said — “Christophe stunt” on me (barely there then gone). I wanted him in the second so bad it hurts if he isn’t. So here’s hoping he’ll be there, more visible (a tiny wish of a little Lucas fan, lol).

That aside (I mean, Lucas Parker aside) I so wanted to read the second book, from what I know it’s due this year too (hooray for hard-working authors). I wanted to know about Kylie (and yes, Lucas too, if I’m not too obvious already about it). She is still an anomaly; I wonder what she is…an angel? What creature is related with death and ghost… bean sidhe? Another Kaylee?? hoping she’s not (I hope the only thing they will share is the uncanny resemblances of the sound of their names). Whatever it is, the second book might have a clue (or if I’m lucky the answer to that). Can’t wait!

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