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(I can't find Toho's versions of this trailer, so I...

(I can’t find Toho’s versions of this trailer, so I used Madman’s instead)

I feel like doing a review as well as to express my gratitude to local movie exhibitors that are gambling on anime movies. I’m one of those excited for releases such as this movie I’m gonna talk about—Boruto (the latest movie from the Naruto franchise). I watched The Last (Naruto the Movie) on theater last May. I was disappointed for the very long delay but it was gratifying to see a movie you’d wanted to watch on the big screen. The Last was (ironically) my very first anime movie that I watched locally.

I’m not sure but I think Philippines is the first country to screen the movie outside of Japan. Only a month after its successful released so of course as a big (inconsistent) fan of the anime/manga I must see it. Yesterday (September 9) was the official first day showing & I made sure to watch it on that day. So yeah, I was obviously excited. 😛

I have to say this first and foremost that this movie is the best one I’ve seen so far that came out from the franchise. I don’t like Naruto movies in general because it feels out of place (well, duh, it should be, I know that) but The Last (which was canon according to Kishimoto himself) proved to be a bit different. Sure, The Last feels like fodder to create a backstory for Naruto & Hinata, but being as a huge shipper of them, I admit I was very happy with the movie. But Boruto blew The Last out of the waters. 😀 As I said earlier on twitter, Kishimoto does know his creation. He was the executive producer & pretty much developed the plot of this movie. And oh man, I loved it.

This movie is not only about Naruto’s son, Boruto but also his relationship with his father. It too showcased lives of the characters—or at least snippets of it. Boruto was disappointed with Naruto for neglecting his family. But you can see how busy Naruto was. He had kage bunshin scattered all over Konoha (Ok, I’m really surprised with Konoha, it’s really modern now). It was kinda assuring to know how serious Naruto was to his job, with all the paper works littered in his office as proof (and dat eye bags though, poor guy!). But I kinda get Boruto because before he became the Hokage, he spent his time with his family. And Boruto felt the big changes happened now that he was always busy. But I must say the relationship of this father & son was just so freaking adorable. I remember how Naruto personally congratulated him, Boruto had serious face then but once Naruto left, the kid was rolling on his bed obviously ecstatic. Gaaah, these two, people, these two! 😆

Sasuke was a revelation. He was the bane of my existence & hated him with all my might before. But he was different in here. He still had this sort of indifferent aura on him but he now had soft & accommodating side to him. And no, not towards his daughter but to Naruto’s son. Boruto became his apprentice, I wish to see them training more but given that  lot must happen to the story, I’m letting that slide. I liked that bit with Naruto & Sasuke different views of Boruto. I think I’m siding with Naruto this time, though Sasuke too was right about him; but Naruto was clearly different from Boruto.

Man, the animation was so fluid. The first scene was a-ma-zing! Sasuke was fighting one of Momoshiki (this movie’s villain) henchman and the way they moved; pardon the French, but fucking incredible! They moved so flawlessly. I think I love all the fight scenes (even smaller ones) are greatly done. And this one aspect alone toppled all the movies combined! Gaaah, that last fight (which was released as a teaser(?), you can find it on YouTube I heard) Sasuke and Naruto moved around so fast, I might have held my breath because of how amazing the scenes were. Hats off Studio Pierrot, you did well this time!

I also love the song, Kana Boon’s Diver and the illustration while it was playing during the credits. Black and white in a sort of clean sketch of all the major characters. Great details here, guys!

Overall I very much enjoyed this movie. No wonder it is now the highest grossing Naruto movie of all time and it definitely deserves that title. I would like to see more of the second generation but I think I’m very ok with this movie. 9/10 > that’s because the villain wasn’t fleshed out properly (at least Toneri has backstory this dude just came out seeking great chakra source!); but the movie itself? Great! Want to watch it again, honestly! LOL

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