Author:  Cynthia Hand
Series: (Unearthly #3) by
Published: January 22nd 2013
Publisher: HarperTeen
Categories: Fantasy, Paranormal

Ok, you guys I’m ready to speak. I’m ready to shout it out to each and every one concern how much this book disappoints me. I know it’s unfair to judge and rate it on who Clara ended up with. It is totally and utterly unfair. But the story did treat the ‘one I preferred for her’ the exact same way. I wish that he wasn’t that understanding. I wish he did something awful. I wish he wasn’t that supportive of her. I wish there’s something negative to say about him. But I come up empty handed. Because if there’s one thing after all that has happened to them proved is that he completely, definitely and truly LOVES her. As in just her. And not because of anything else.

Before I go to my main point, I would like to tell you good people, especially if you like the story regardless who she’ll end up with that the conclusion of this trilogy is actually well executed. Ms. Hand knitted all those lose threads. So much sometimes, I think, it crushed all the possibilities I’ve been thinking right after I read it (that is all connected to my main concern). It was so clean, so spotless that something made it a little flat to me. But overall, the story was fascinating, while yes, I would’ve changed few details about it but I sincerely enjoyed majority of it.

Now let me start with my Christian Prescott centric review and please if you haven’t read Boundless and not too fond of spoilers, discontinue reading this review now. I’m about to recklessly gush and I don’t want to ruin anything for you. But if you don’t mind, then go ahead spoil to your heart’s content.

I love you,” he murmurs. “Can you feel that? You. Not some destiny I think I’m called to. You. I’m with you. My strength. My soul. My heart. Feel it.” – Christian to Clara

The constant argument against Christian and Clara’s relationship is that it wasn’t love. They were just connected because of their ‘purpose.’ Sometimes that word irked me the most because after Hallowed ended I saw that Christian’s gestures were no longer just connected with their divine resolve. While I do admit that I think that Christian and Clara’s relationship started because of it. That after he found out that Clara is also just like him triggered something in him. But it was just that he found someone he can finally share intimate details of his life who very much knows his circumstances. But more than that, I sincerely think that he fell in love with her because of the time they shared together. He finally knew who Clara was. The Clara beyond his vision. The true Clara Gardner. That she’s more than the person/angel-blood mysteriously entwined with his (their) purpose. She is just Clara. The sarcastic, fun, beautiful, and strong lady that he fell in love with.

Yes, bottom-line is HE LOVES HER. Purpose aside, he truly loves her.

But there’s something about you two, when you’re together. It’s like you fit.” He grins. Shrugs. “He’s your soul mate.” – Jeffrey

You know what I hate the most is how the story established how they fit together. How pleasant and romantic the idea of them together. It’s like all facts headed straight to point A (Christian) the suddenly it went to point B (Tucker). I don’t have anything against Tucker. I’m even on his team before, my Unearthly review can attest to that. But like I said, why made Christian so damn supportive? Why show us the possibility which make a lot more sense than the time she was with Tucker? I’m here asking those questions. Still asking them. In Unearthly, I was actually surprised that they ended up as an item. But it only showed how Tucker grounded Clara’s life. That it showed that her life is not driven by anyone but by herself. It’s her life, her wheel. But in Hallowed, during and after the situation she was with her mother and how Christian is there for her, it showed a lot about their potential as a couple. It says a lot about Christian as well, and the way they support each other on that moment. That they shared many things aside from their heavenly lineage. If Christian found someone who can now understand him, Clara did have that too, with Christian.

His dedication for her in Boundless didn’t falter. In fact, all the important events happened with Clara or with the story Christian was there. My head couldn’t wrap the idea of Tucker getting the larger picture. It was lackluster and shallow reason that he is her “home.” And even if Clara was indecisive and insensitive, Christian still never left her side. Even if he bends his principles, he will do it for her. And all the major events (even painful ones–especially painful ones), the one person who is always there for her was Christian. He had his devotion proved over and over again. He’s so unselfish. Isn’t that a characteristic of true love? But yet all he had done are now pointless because he didn’t have what he deserves. I’m not just talking about Clara. If there’s one character that should’ve a well-deserved happy ending, that’s him.

…Maybe I’ll catch up with you in a hundred years or so.” … He smirks. “I won’t call it waiting,” – Christian

Ah Christian, how can you be so that? So…almost perfect. And up until now he’s still hoping. He deserves someone but my stubborn heart still aching for Clara. I don’t know but I feel that his happiness will be complete with Clara at his side. But Tucker’s new situation changed the ball game. I hope his ‘longevity’ is not as long as Methuselah. Because darn right, that will crush my already itsy bitsy hope.

Anyway, I loved the story, while I think Hallowed is the best book of the series for obvious and biased reason, I still not taking what I said back: that this series is one of the well-written angel books (or paranormal book) out there. I was actually amazed on the extent of her research for her story, even going to the places personally. It showed that she poured everything in here. I might be upset and dissatisfied, yes, but that doesn’t change the fact it was an excellent story.