Once again, I break some stereotypes! Do you think you were labeled the same way?

Once again, I break some stereotypes! Do you think you were labeled the same way?

It’s back!!! This is some sort of a spur of the moment kind of post. I realized that my first one wasn’t complete yet! So here are the additional five things where I tried to break some labels! Woot! :yesyes:

I love like spoilers.

I only have read the first two books from The Raven Cycle series and because my timeline is full of spoilers I already knew who died. I was shocked, now that’s given, but I wasn’t boiling mad that I knew who it was even before I read the book. I have a very different approach and treatment to spoilers. If you didn’t know, I personally seek spoilers especially if I love the series to pieces. It will and never deter me from enjoying the series/book/etc. I know some people are offended and it detest them knowing information beforehand and I respect that. But I’m an oddball when it comes to spoilers. So if you share spoilers I won’t be mad. In fact, if I’m very interested in that piece of information, I will actually ask you for more. Spoilers has different side effect on me. It fuels me more. So yeah, spoilers, I ain’t hating you! :]

I’m bibliophile who prefers paperbacks than hardbacks.

I know hardbacks are such pretties; they are nice to gaze at. But as a collector I really, really prefer paperback; (1) they are economical: they are more than hundred pesos cheaper than hardbacks. (2) they are space saver: they took few space, plus they don’t weigh a lot if I do carry them around. (3) they don’t have jackets. I hate dust jackets (with an exemption of my manga, that’s not included). I also cover my books with plastic and it’s hard if it has a jacket. It doesn’t look nice with it!!! So yeah paperbacks FTW! :heart:

I’m a bookworm who doesn’t like to read outside.

I read in one sitting. I remember I was asked on how fast I read & I think I told this person I can read 300 pages book in 3-4 hours. Less if I really, really love it. So I always designate a time where I cannot be disturbed. If chances that I do read outside that means I have plenty of time to do so. If I only have, like, 10 minutes break I’d rather use that time to do something else. Not reading, definitely not reading. I’m just going to be restless because I was unable to continue. Outside means busy. So outside is not a best place for me to read.

I’m huge anime fan who hasn’t watched a single Ghibli film (or doesn’t watch a lot of highly acclaimed anime films).

If you check my MAL account I have watched hundreds upon hundreds of anime series and counting! (but granted I’ve been an anime viewer  since I was like 5 or 6 years old? So the number isn’t really a big surprise. I think I don’t even remember some of them anymore). But I never tried anime that are quite highly acclaimed like Akira (the film that inspired Looper, a bit of the Matrix), Paprika (also an inspiration for the movie Inception) and not even a single Ghibli film, like Princess Mononoke (which I heard where Cameron got few ideas for his hit film, Avatar).

But I did watch some of them. I really liked Metropolis by Ozamu Tezuka (the godfather of anime/manga) and that action film, Ghost in the Shell (where Matrix drew its main inspiration for cyberpunk theme). Nevertheless, this is something I openly & readily tries to rectify.

I’m perhaps one of the least trendiest bloggers.

I think I must have said my piece about it already. I’m not one to jump immediately to trends. I don’t actually feel like an outcast even though I don’t do what others do. It needs to be something I really like before I try it myself. Also, if it doesn’t fit my personality and style I will not do it. I more on the: if I know I won’t like it, I’ll not try it. But how do I know? I just know! ;D

Do we share the same sentiment? Also labeled in such a way? Do share it with me! I love learning about your thoughts about it!

16 Responses to Breaking some stereotypes! (Part 2)

  1. Annie says:


    Honestly no matter what the situation I always look for spoilers. It makes me feel better knowing what’s going to happen. It doesn’t ruin things for me at all! I always say… it’s about the journey, not the destination so knowing what happens isn’t a huge deal for me because there’s still the whole part of finding out how it happens.

    And I love paperbacks too. Hardcovers are pretty bc you can take the dust jacket off and then you have the nice binding but paperbacks are just so convenient. I’d definitely forego hardcovers for a paperback if it means saving on money that I can then save up to buy more books! It’s an economical method, really…

    And I’m not an anime fan but studio ghibli is simply the best. I am honestly a little surprised. You must see them! They’re fantastic!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      That’s one of the reason why I sought spoilers, they gave me an assurance. The surprise factor doesn’t go away for me, so regardless I never saw spoilers negatively.

      I want to try Gibhli films like Princess Mononoke & Spirited Away. They look so good. <3

  2. I’m a spoiler-lover too! Well, not lover, but I do look for them. Sometimes. It actually depends for me, usually I just look for spoilers to find out who the main character ends up with and/or if the book ends in a happily ever after. But I’m not too fond of being spoiled with shocking events (like finding out who the murderers are, and things like that). I generally don’t have a problem with spoilers, though!

    This is another depends-on-the-situation kind of thing. I love both paperbacks (for the reasons you stated) and hardbacks (because I don’t need to worry about spines cracking and other things). But now, it depends on the cover style. If the book looks better as a paperback, I get that, and if it looks better as a hardback, I get that. xD

    I cannot read without taking breaks! I admire you, haha. I easily (EASILY) get distracted by the smallest things, so I cannot read in one sitting. And I do read outside. While I walk in the mall. But of course I make sure I’m holding onto someone so that I don’t trip. 😉

    I’m not as huge of an anime fan as you, so I guess it doesn’t mean much that I haven’t watched any of those, either!

    You should definitely blog the way you want to, Mitchii! I love your content and your simple blogging style. <3

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Haha, kinda anticlimactic if you found out who the murderer is before hand. Oh right, I think, the style does weigh a little in my decision. But paperbacks are still my favorite.

      I can read non-stop, I dunno I’m more comfortable that way. Breaks tend to lose my concentration. ;D I can’t read while moving. And that’s kinda hard, reading while walking? * bows*

      Thank you, Aimee. I love the way I blog! <3

  3. Lol, you probably know how much I dislike spoilers! Well, okay, I don’t mind if I get spoiled about something minor, but generally, spoilers and I are a huge no. Especially if I love the series to bits! It mostly happens with anime and manga though, thankfully I don’t follow people who actively spoil about The Raven Boys online! xD (Speaking of which — SOMEONE DIES?!?! Trust Maggie Stiefvater to turn the story into something even more tragic…)

    I used to prefer hardbacks, because they almost always look and feel nicer than their paperback counterparts, but I’ve begun to like paperbacks more and more in the passing years, because like you said, they’re definitely a hell lot cheaper (in all honesty, hardbacks are pretty unreasonably priced, heh), and also take up less space. They’re definitely much nicer to carry around, too! On a similar note, I used to think that I would never let e-books take over the majority of books on my virtual/real shelf, but now I’ve begun to see the practicality of owning them. They’re cheaper still than paperbacks and even easier to carry around!

    I’ve only watched one Studio Ghibli film, and that was Spirited Away, which was really good! So richly imagined and original, and the animation was GORGEOUS. I definitely think you should watch it. 😀 And I’ve been meaning to watch Ghost in the Shell and Paprika for a while now. I’ll have to find the time to actually sit down and get to them!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Maybe because I was very active in communities before where we discussed spoilers that I don’t see it as threat to my enjoyment of the story. Yes, according to my timeline someone dies. I even know who thanks to the tweets. 😛

      I’m actually much comfortable reading ebooks than print tbqh. And due to space restrictions, I decided to only own print formats my favorite books.

      I want to watch a Gibhli film, any of its film. They looked so well made despite they were made for some time now!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    YES! My spoiler loving twin! I don’t think I’m quite as blase as you are – I only want spoilers when I’m actively looking for them which usually means:
    A. I’m in the middle of a book and I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS…so I read the end.
    B. I know I’m not going to read the rest of the books in the series, but I want to know what happens.
    TFIOS (Which like you I think I’m not ever going to read) got spoiled for me JUST when I’d finally worked up the nerve to read it…and now I’m put off from reading it all over again haha.

    And I’m so impressed with your anime list!! I’m a little surprised you haven’t watched any Studio Ghibli, mostly just because you’ve watched so much stuff. While I DO love Studio Ghibli’s films, I’m not actually sure they’d really be your thing. Man I really want to go watch some anime now…maybe I’ll plug some headphones into the work computer…

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Same reasons as you! Esp the last one, I’m not liking what I’m reading but I just still eager to know how it’ll end so I check for spoilers. 😛

      Aw, thank you~. I’m quite embarrassed to admit that. But I’ve been meaning to rectify that soon. XD

  5. Kezia says:


    I buy paperbacks for the same reason as yous haha. As a student with limited budget, I have to manage my spending carefully. I cover my books with plastic as well and it did annoy me when I realized that I couldn’t cover my hardcover with plastic since it was bigger than the size I had…

    I think the only anime films I’ve seen are the ones which have their own TV anime? I haven’t seen Ghibli too, but I once saw a nice fanart made by my classmate for Spirited Away and you can say that it has piqued my interest ever since:) I keep putting it off though haha xD

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I tried covering my hardback and it turned out ugly. *sobs*

      I wanted to see Spirited Away first, then Princess Mononoke. And like you, I keep putting it off, too. *shots*

  6. I don’t know how people do it: seeking out spoilers and still enjoy a book. I admire how that doesn’t influence your reading experience! I have a feeling someone takes away part of the journey I plan to make in a book. Knowing takes my curiosity away; therefore I lose interest in the story. It’s so interesting how we have these two different type of readers 😀 and I only wish some spoiler-seeking people would take that more in consideration. I’ve been spoilered a couple of times and that’s just a shame. Respect both sides.

    Paperbacks are the best 😀 Hardcovers look gorgeous on the shelves, but when it comes to reading experience (and prices); paperback all the way!

  7. I HATE dust jackets too! I have no idea why, but they drive me crazy! I definitely prefer a good ol’ paperback to a heavy, fussy hardcover.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Aside from the jackets, they’re freaking heavy. It’s good to display but not really that convenient to read & carry. Thanks Christina!

  8. The number one thing I hate when it comes to reading is spoilers. They make me so boiling mad, I want to cry and punch whoever spoils things for me. If I manage to tune a spoiler out before it registers, I move on though because dwelling will only make me remember. But major spoilers can be so bad for me, I don’t want to read a book anymore if it’s been spoiled for me. Funny thing is, for TV shows I have no qualms looking up spoilers and I will still continue to watch.

    What I whole-heartedly agree with you on is paperbacks! I think it’s safe to say that 85% of the books I own are paperbacks. I only buy hardcovers for book that won’t come out in paperback or for which I’m not willing to wait another year for the paperback to be published. On rare occasions if I can’t get over the ugliness of a paperback cover, then I’ll consider the hardcover if I expect to love the book or I’ll get the ebook if I’m unsure. Whatever it is, I’m glad we have so many options nowadays when it comes to choosing book editions.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I know that some people are very cautious when it comes to spoilers. We spoilers freaks should be careful spreading info LOL. ^^; Right? 90& of books I own are PB they’re just too convenient for me. :3

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