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Once again, I break some stereotypes! Do you think you were labeled the same way?

Once again, I break some stereotypes! Do you think you were labeled the same way?

It’s back!!! This is some sort of a spur of the moment kind of post. I realized that my first one wasn’t complete yet! So here are the additional five things where I tried to break some labels! Woot! :yesyes:

I love like spoilers.

I only have read the first two books from The Raven Cycle series and because my timeline is full of spoilers I already knew who died. I was shocked, now that’s given, but I wasn’t boiling mad that I knew who it was even before I read the book. I have a very different approach and treatment to spoilers. If you didn’t know, I personally seek spoilers especially if I love the series to pieces. It will and never deter me from enjoying the series/book/etc. I know some people are offended and it detest them knowing information beforehand and I respect that. But I’m an oddball when it comes to spoilers. So if you share spoilers I won’t be mad. In fact, if I’m very interested in that piece of information, I will actually ask you for more. Spoilers has different side effect on me. It fuels me more. So yeah, spoilers, I ain’t hating you! :]

I’m bibliophile who prefers paperbacks than hardbacks.

I know hardbacks are such pretties; they are nice to gaze at. But as a collector I really, really prefer paperback; (1) they are economical: they are more than hundred pesos cheaper than hardbacks. (2) they are space saver: they took few space, plus they don’t weigh a lot if I do carry them around. (3) they don’t have jackets. I hate dust jackets (with an exemption of my manga, that’s not included). I also cover my books with plastic and it’s hard if it has a jacket. It doesn’t look nice with it!!! So yeah paperbacks FTW! :heart:

I’m a bookworm who doesn’t like to read outside.

I read in one sitting. I remember I was asked on how fast I read & I think I told this person I can read 300 pages book in 3-4 hours. Less if I really, really love it. So I always designate a time where I cannot be disturbed. If chances that I do read outside that means I have plenty of time to do so. If I only have, like, 10 minutes break I’d rather use that time to do something else. Not reading, definitely not reading. I’m just going to be restless because I was unable to continue. Outside means busy. So outside is not a best place for me to read.

I’m huge anime fan who hasn’t watched a single Ghibli film (or doesn’t watch a lot of highly acclaimed anime films).

If you check my MAL account I have watched hundreds upon hundreds of anime series and counting! (but granted I’ve been an anime viewer  since I was like 5 or 6 years old? So the number isn’t really a big surprise. I think I don’t even remember some of them anymore). But I never tried anime that are quite highly acclaimed like Akira (the film that inspired Looper, a bit of the Matrix), Paprika (also an inspiration for the movie Inception) and not even a single Ghibli film, like Princess Mononoke (which I heard where Cameron got few ideas for his hit film, Avatar).

But I did watch some of them. I really liked Metropolis by Ozamu Tezuka (the godfather of anime/manga) and that action film, Ghost in the Shell (where Matrix drew its main inspiration for cyberpunk theme). Nevertheless, this is something I openly & readily tries to rectify.

I’m perhaps one of the least trendiest bloggers.

I think I must have said my piece about it already. I’m not one to jump immediately to trends. I don’t actually feel like an outcast even though I don’t do what others do. It needs to be something I really like before I try it myself. Also, if it doesn’t fit my personality and style I will not do it. I more on the: if I know I won’t like it, I’ll not try it. But how do I know? I just know! ;D

Do we share the same sentiment? Also labeled in such a way? Do share it with me! I love learning about your thoughts about it!
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