How about you? Any stereotypes you were typecasted but not really suit your personality despite the label. Discuss it with me!

How about you? Any stereotypes you were typecast but not really suit your personality despite the label? Discuss it with me!

There are certain things like our habits, our looks, and or our interest that people based it from and form their impression (lasting or otherwise) on us. Like, if I said I’m huge anime/manga fan (which is true in this case) people quickly assumed that I’m a weeaboo (which I’m not, I don’t act kawaii and always says daijoubu *I’m being sarcastic, ok?*). Or the fact I am wearing glasses meant I’m smart (well, I’ not stupid but I’m not genius level even though I’m wearing a very thick glasses). There are things that as a blogger and otaku that give this impression that I’m one of these; so to clear things up I’m breaking some of those!

I’m a blogger who doesn’t want to be popular.

Are you serious? Yes, I am. I’m not a hypocrite I love getting noticed but not that level like the big ones receive. Nope, it is not I aspire to be. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, if you can handle it then go forth build your presence. As for me, I like the simplicity of being just a small blogger.

I’m a blogger who doesn’t schedule posts.

I might write down notes if inspiration sparks but I never wrote down all my posts in advance and schedule when to publish it. That’s why most of my posts need proofreading badly. What you read are only minutes—hour out from my brain. Freshly written and in need of editing. (This post included!)

I’m a blogger who will never try vlogging/youtubing.

Selfie I can handle but video? Like I’m moving, speaking and it will last for minutes for the whole interwebs to see? Um no, I don’t think my confidence can handle that. I’m pretty shy RL or online so video blog is not something I fancy.

I’m a book lover who isn’t fond of classic books.

Except for Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett, I’m not a big fan of classics. I remember dreading these discussions, lessons in high school/college. They are too—much for me. It’s not the language, I supposed because I read Little Lord Fauntleroy few times already and loved it every time. I think it used Yorkshire dialect there. But there’s something about this books from way before that I really don’t enjoy.

I’m an anime/manga fan who doesn’t like putting up posters/scrolls on my walls.

I don’t do vlogging but I love watching vloggers/youtubers especially anime reviewers. And every time they do “room tour” they have scrolls after scrolls, after scrolls. Plushies after plushies. Shelves of figurines after figurines. Sure, I have shelves after shelves of books & manga but it’s different (at least for me). But the combination of all that is too much for someone whose aesthetics is minimalistic. Once again, nothing wrong with that but personally I don’t don walls with posters.

I’m an anime/manga fan who will never do cosplay.

There are three main reasons: (1) I can’t pull it off. (2) It is expensive. (3) I CAN’T PULL IT OFF! Apart from I have zero confidence and don’t know which character suits me (from the hundreds I already watched) I just, I don’t know, it never crossed my mind.

I’m an anime/manga fan who isn’t into video games.

Otome games? Nope. Games based on anime? Nope? Mario? If we’re talking about the old one (like really, really, really old—like early 90s old) yep, I tried it, never got to finish it though. I’m not into games. That’s one thing I can’t finish no matter how enthusiastic I started. I lack motivation to play and was never patient to begin with. So no. The only game I’m good at is Tetris…yeah, I know it’s sad.

How about you? Any stereotypes you were typecast but not really suit your personality despite the label? Discuss it with me!


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  1. Oooooh first of all, you’ve changed your header since I’ve last visited! So cute! Second, I share some of these with you, ha. I don’t think I will ever be comfortable with vlogging. Just not my style XD Also I haven’t read many classic books either… I mean, I might someday, but right now I just can’t see myself being all that into them! Also, I’ve tried scheduling things, but I just can’t stick to it! Great post, Mitchii! It’s great you do your own thang ^^

  2. Leah says:

    haha! Pretty much everything you said about anime manga stereotypes doesn’t apply to me either. I don’t play video games, while I’m always in awe of elaborate cosplay ideas there’s no way I could ever do something like that (FAR too much time + skill involved, though when I was in high school I bought a Prince of Tennis/Seigaku uniform), and the only art hanging on my walls are photos or prints I bought. Nothing fandom (anime or otherwise) related.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Right! I love looking at people donning their costumes but i don’t think it’ll look good on me. Aaaaah, prince of tennis! I’m so obsessed with this series before (so want that uniform tho) 😀

  3. Kezia says:

    I’m not a weeaboo as well, though I know for sure that one of my friends is. I don’t know, I’m obsessed with anime/manga but not to some extent… It just seems totally embarrassing to act that way in front of anyone. >< I don't want to do cosplay too, mainly for the same reason as yours. And also because it's so time-consuming to prepare for your costume and make-up and who knows, even after all those ungodly hours you spend on preparation, the result might not be as what you had expected haha. Other reason is also because I have moderate scoliosis so I'm not confident wearing tight-fitting costumes x_x

    Now, I actually want to put up some posters on my walls haha. Not too many that they cover the ENTIRE wall though. I'm the kind of people who would rather hang posters than their own pictures lol. Pictures are meant to be saved digitally or in photo albums xD But I'm not into figurines. You know how expensive they can be…

    I used to try scheduling posts but failed at that haha. It seems like being disorganized is better for my own good ^^

    Oh, and my classmates thought that I was so neat with everything because I have a neat handwriting. Like, I organize me shelves and desk, etc. While in reality, my study desk is a HUGE MESS. I never return my text books to their original places, stationary is scattered all over the place and not to mention the amount of scrap papers I don't throw to the trash bin haha.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Exactly, I don’t think cosplaying was ever meant for me. 😛 I’m really offended if someone accuses of being a weeboo. I don’t know it sounds degrading.

      Few wallpapers is I guess ok, but if I can’t see the wall then that’s too much. But hey, that’s your room, so you’re free to do as you please. xD

      I’m so mess, I just project a personality that is very clean but I’m not. 😛

  4. I also don’t like most classic books very much. I actually don’t like books set in the past and those tend to fall into that category. I just… don’t care. I also don’t like hanging up posters. When I do they’re super special ones (signed or whatever) and I frame them.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I love frames tho, I just find wallpapers a bit tacky. *sorry* Not big on historical, if I do then it means it’s great!

  5. Haha, yes, certain glasses almost instantly give you a nice box. Mine often says ‘geek/nerd’ and while I don’t mind that at all, I’m proud of it, it’s strange that people are so easy with their labels.

    I also don’t schedule posts. I write them in advance and every time I want to post something I just pick one and publish it. Scheduling just doesn’t work for me.
    I always thought I wouldn’t be the right person for vlogging and while I don’t have the sparkling personality on video (for now), I enjoy doing it.
    I don’t blog to become big either. I enjoy it. I love my followers and if I become big, okay. If I don’t, okay too.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Yeah, why is that? Some people can be mean. *pouts*

      That’s good way on working on your posts. I write topics but never wrote the content.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying vlogging. I’m terrified speaking to many people so yeah, never want to try it out, haha.

  6. Faye M. says:

    Haha, what a fun post this is! I don’t really like scheduling posts either, but having two co-bloggers and a ton of ARCs and confusion on what to read next has made me conclude that it was time for me to change my ways. Not that I’m successful, though… I have stuff written on my iCalendar, but I still write my posts like two-three hours before it’s supposed to go live. I’m guessing the cram culture I inherited and lived in while I was still studying in university helped with that 😛 And I know what you mean about Booktubing! I’ve started booktubing with a few stuff here and there, but it took me a while to actually go for it. I’m shy in real life, too! In fact, I didn’t really talk much when I was in uni, but I thought to myself if I wanted to try building my confidence, it’s a pretty good step to take! So far so good cause I enjoyed making and recording videos 😀

    I have mad respect for those who actually do cosplay, but, like you, I will never be able to do it. Francine does it though! And she’s pretty good at it, too 🙂

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I think scheds are necessary for blogs with multiple authors. Oh, I’m glad you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. I don’t know if I’ll be able to, haha.

      That’s nice, they’re good to look at but I don’t think I’m up for the task. xD

  7. Megan says:

    That definition of a weeaboo made me choke on my drink. HILARIOUS.

    I’ve never told you, but I really admire you for not wanting to be one of those “big-shot bloggers.” It’s so hard to come across people like you, who blog because they truly love it, and not because they’re obliged to or because they want popularity and spotlights or recognition. It really shows in your posts and work, Mitchii. <3 I'm slowly beginning to feel like I'm happy with the current number of readers I have. As much as I love receiving comments, if I start getting more than I am right now I have no idea how I'll manage, haha. (Guess you can tell that I have really poor time management skills now. xD)

    I can relate to you with the second one, though! I used to schedule post, but after my blogging slump, I've found that spontaneous blogging helps a LOT. So I write posts and only schedule them to go up the next day, not like a week later or something. I love that kind of freedom.

    I'll probably never get into vlogging, too. As it is I don't even follow any booktubers because to be honest I don't see what's so great about them. I've tried watching a couple but almost always end up bored, lol. Writing posts instead of filming them suits me much better! And like you, I'm really shy irl, too.

    Yeah, too little confidence here to attempt anything as flashy as cosplay, too. And I already keep my otaku life pretty secret, so I won't be going around sticking posters of SnK on my wall or something. The most I do is set my phone's wallpaper to something Tokyo Ghoul, or change my avatars from time to time to the anime/manga I'm currently obsessed with. :3

    Haha, I'm into video games, though! Not really those Japanese game (but I do love Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton, if those count, haha), but more action ones like Assassin's Creed and Gears of War and Bioshock. Oh, and I really like Mario Kart, too! xD But I'm the odd one out in my circle of friends. *shrug*

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Haha, it can very degrading. I love anime/manga but I don’t act like that in real life. And I like my culture, very flawed it might be.

      I like intimate numbers & I like getting comments from people I now know. But I very much welcome new subscribers. I appreciate their time reading my posts.

      It’s weird I’m very careful person but I don’t like scheds, what’s wrong with me? LMAO haha, No cosplay for me. Ever. What? In my book you’re a gamer! 😛

  8. Shannelle C. says:

    I definitely can’t do vlogging. I really don’t have the face for such a thing, and my insecurities would never be able to handle it, the same way I’ll break down if anyone I knew every saw a video of me. #worstwaytodie

    And I love you and how comfortable you always are with the size of your blog. I want to be constantly growing, but I don’t know if I can handle being as popular as a big blog.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Me too, I don’t have an ounce of confidence to do that. I love where my blog is now. There’s nothing wrong getting recognized but the responsibilities of these big bloggers are too overwhelming for me. This way, my way, is very fun for me. 😀

  9. First of all,let me say that I am a new reader and follower and I absolutely adore your blog design.It’s so beautiful!
    And I really love this post.
    I don’t schedule posts either.I am really lazy and not at all organized and I am a creature who acts by instinct.I write posts whenever I want to.
    I hate classics!I can’t even understand how people can tolerate those uptight characters who talk about what’s right and what’s wrong all the time.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Thank you! <3 I also do that, whenever the inspiration for topic strikes, that's when I write it.

      Haha, classic can be too to difficult to understand because we have different culture now.

  10. Amber says:

    I really love how you brought out a lot of the stereotypes. I can agree with most of them. I am a blogger, but I am not one that is trying to do it as a business or get attention. Sure, I love people reading my posts, but that is all. I like how we have a lot of similarities. I guess a lot of people don’t realize that there are many different types of bloggers. .

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I don’t like a lot of attention, haha. Exactly! I think just because you have this label doesn’t automatically means you’re this & that. I think even though we’re blogger, book lovers there are still certain things that don’t fit us.

  11. I appreciate this post a lot! Also this is my first time on your blog and I love your design. It’s so nice <333

    I'm Asian so I get the "do you like anime/manga/kpop/jpop/kdrama" crap ALL THE TIME. It's so annoying because I'm very americanized and I'm not the least bit ashamed. I keep my Chinese culture but I'm also not immersed in it like society seems to think that I need to be.

    I don't like classics either! I do like Shakespeare in the right amount but I can't read Austen or Hemingway. Just no.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Thank you! It’s probably tiring to receive questions like that. I read many thing about Asian living in the US, and the labels they get all the time. In comparison, mine are pretty measly. ;D

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