How about you? Any stereotypes you were typecasted but not really suit your personality despite the label. Discuss it with me!

How about you? Any stereotypes you were typecast but not really suit your personality despite the label? Discuss it with me!

There are certain things like our habits, our looks, and or our interest that people based it from and form their impression (lasting or otherwise) on us. Like, if I said I’m huge anime/manga fan (which is true in this case) people quickly assumed that I’m a weeaboo (which I’m not, I don’t act kawaii and always says daijoubu *I’m being sarcastic, ok?*). Or the fact I am wearing glasses meant I’m smart (well, I’ not stupid but I’m not genius level even though I’m wearing a very thick glasses). There are things that as a blogger and otaku that give this impression that I’m one of these; so to clear things up I’m breaking some of those!

I’m a blogger who doesn’t want to be popular.

Are you serious? Yes, I am. I’m not a hypocrite I love getting noticed but not that level like the big ones receive. Nope, it is not I aspire to be. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, if you can handle it then go forth build your presence. As for me, I like the simplicity of being just a small blogger.

I’m a blogger who doesn’t schedule posts.

I might write down notes if inspiration sparks but I never wrote down all my posts in advance and schedule when to publish it. That’s why most of my posts need proofreading badly. What you read are only minutes—hour out from my brain. Freshly written and in need of editing. (This post included!)

I’m a blogger who will never try vlogging/youtubing.

Selfie I can handle but video? Like I’m moving, speaking and it will last for minutes for the whole interwebs to see? Um no, I don’t think my confidence can handle that. I’m pretty shy RL or online so video blog is not something I fancy.

I’m a book lover who isn’t fond of classic books.

Except for Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett, I’m not a big fan of classics. I remember dreading these discussions, lessons in high school/college. They are too—much for me. It’s not the language, I supposed because I read Little Lord Fauntleroy few times already and loved it every time. I think it used Yorkshire dialect there. But there’s something about this books from way before that I really don’t enjoy.

I’m an anime/manga fan who doesn’t like putting up posters/scrolls on my walls.

I don’t do vlogging but I love watching vloggers/youtubers especially anime reviewers. And every time they do “room tour” they have scrolls after scrolls, after scrolls. Plushies after plushies. Shelves of figurines after figurines. Sure, I have shelves after shelves of books & manga but it’s different (at least for me). But the combination of all that is too much for someone whose aesthetics is minimalistic. Once again, nothing wrong with that but personally I don’t don walls with posters.

I’m an anime/manga fan who will never do cosplay.

There are three main reasons: (1) I can’t pull it off. (2) It is expensive. (3) I CAN’T PULL IT OFF! Apart from I have zero confidence and don’t know which character suits me (from the hundreds I already watched) I just, I don’t know, it never crossed my mind.

I’m an anime/manga fan who isn’t into video games.

Otome games? Nope. Games based on anime? Nope? Mario? If we’re talking about the old one (like really, really, really old—like early 90s old) yep, I tried it, never got to finish it though. I’m not into games. That’s one thing I can’t finish no matter how enthusiastic I started. I lack motivation to play and was never patient to begin with. So no. The only game I’m good at is Tetris…yeah, I know it’s sad.

How about you? Any stereotypes you were typecast but not really suit your personality despite the label? Discuss it with me!