Blogger / I'm a broke often cheapskate blogger that still made this gig works!

I’m not rich! I’m not even from a middle class family! I’m just…average.   Well yeah, sometimes I can afford something like traveling, but even that take a decent amount of savings to happen! So I need to be wise when it comes to spending. And so when it comes to blogging, the least money I put in to it the better. Actually, the more that money isn’t involved in it the better—no, the best!!

I already touched this issue before but in the perspective of a book blogger. However, my opinion then remains the same ’til today, although I forgot to mention how huge a perfectionist I am! So even though I have so much hesitation on spending real dough on blogging I still want my blog to look polish and presentable! So to compensate I need to compromise, I need to be creative! I think being a cheapskate allowed me to play with WordPress and create my own theme (which it ended up as my online gig). And because I’m doing it out my own and personal interest I think spending hard earned moolah isn’t the route I want to go! Of course, there’s still money involved to run my blog. My hosting is free because of my generous host (who has been hosting me since 2011!!)  but my domain isn’t so I have to pay that annually! The internet, the electricity all the shebang outside the monitor yeah, it’s leaking money, too.

I’ve read somewhere that people pay huge amount of money to get their blogs noticed. They have everything from a gorgeous blog design, high-res flatlays sometimes they travel paid by their sponsors! The ad that generates money to them so they can be as glamorous as they can be! But that lifestyle isn’t me! I don’t have people asking me to market their products here. I actually don’t allow ads in the first place. I don’t have fancy studio for my pics or even fancy camera that comes along with it! Those professional stock photos I sometimes use are freebies I got from generous bloggers/photographers. But mostly came from royalty free stock photo sites like unsplash. I think I just compromised to achieve the type of blog that coordinates with my style without actually spending.  And I made it work! I’m living example that you don’t have to spend and blow up your savings to have a nice blog! Blogging can be cheap if you want. It’s the matter of not following suit the standard that high-end bloggers tend to project. Live within your seams: perfectly can be applied to blogging!

It’s all about the goal and purpose on why you blog in the first place! If you have something to say, and the niche of your blog is what you’re truly passionate about, you can make it happen out of what you already have! It’s not wrong to spend money if you do have to spare, but don’t be dejected just because you’re not loaded! You can blog, still!  Look, I’m a broke often cheapskate blogger and I still made this gig works for me! You just have to be smart and creative!!