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Random things that are all related to books & blogs....

Random things that are all related to books & blogs.

Browse & Tinker:  a regular feature here in my blog where I’ll showcase website, technology and others fancy things that are related to books and reading.

You know this post. Yeah, sadly it was short-lived. I got an email saying that it is abruptly shutting down. I really loved Curata. I’ve tried & tested other rss readers and this one got my needs to a T. So I’m super disappointed and bit panicked when I learned about its impending demise. I have to find replacement and soon. I really don’t like bloglovin. I almost transferred to feedly. But in just a nick of time I found a very good replacement, welcome digg reader.


Just like Curata, it has very smooth and clean interface so a big, big plus to me. So yay!


A new directory for book bloggers has launched recently and it’s called Book Blogging. It has very slick design & navigation. And the biggest advantage this site has that others don’t is that users can add/edit their blog’s info. You don’t have to rely to other people putting info about your blog. Also, you can easily find other blogs that you will like to follow (or even friends with owner, isn’t great?). So what are you waiting for? Join! It’s really a nice and highly functional website that will help you to reach out to other book bloggers.


I’ve been pondering about this for like, forever. I’ve now decided to open my services to design blogs (wordpress theme only) or website in general. As long as it is not a rush job (I’m really not good at working under pressure) then I can help you. Don’t worry it’s very cheap; somehow I also wanted to help in my own simple way.  You can use my contact form here or email me to inquire.

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