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In this post for Browse & Tinker, let me talk...

In this post for Browse & Tinker, let me talk about—feeds. Not the food but as in ‘web feed.’ And how I read those.

Browse & Tinker:  a regular feature here in my blog where I’ll showcase website, technology and others fancy things that are related to books and reading.

I’m not really a popular book blogger. I’m only one out of—I guess thousands and thousands of book blogs—who only offer reviews and other book related content that isn’t review. I only launched this blog with one purpose in my head: to share my thoughts, no matter how ridiculous sometimes (often) they sound. Not doing the self-pity drama here, but there are far better blogs than mine and they have a much diverse content (which I seriously trying to rectify…key word here guys “trying.”) Now, I am not dismissing you my awesome readers. I love you and it always makes me smile that someone is following me. So yeah, I’m glad you find my blog useful in some ways.

Wait, I said I’m going to talk about feeds. Sorry guys I get carried away…again. Now this is for you subscribers. Like you I also subscribe to various blogs (be it another book blogger or an author’s blog). I think we already moved on got our feeds in our digital backpacks and hop to other similar services—namely bloglovin.

Bloglovin, I think most went to this site after Google Reader shutdown.

While I plug that site, I don’t use it to read my feeds. I like bloglovin don’t get me wrong. I actually know this service way before google reader. It is clean, nice and very functional. But I still was not feeling it. So I went to search other services, I almost sign up with feedly which according to cnet.com it is our best bet. You can check the article to read what they have to say about feedly.

*Yell like Ash Ketchum* “I choose you, Curata!” LMAO

But no, I did not choose feedly. I choose the second best one: curata.com. It is one the cleanest feed reader I have ever seen. I prefer reader that focuses more on the content of the blogs/sites I follow and this one just do that. Not only that, I can also categorize what type of websites/blogs they are. I also follow a few web design, anime & manga sites so yeah that is so helpful. This one is just so organize that I fell in love with it from the get go.

This how mine looks like. Super squeaky clean, yes?

The good thing with bloglovin is that it shows followers (and you have the option to follow too. It’s nice feat, right?). I have yet to check feedly because like I said fell in love with curata from the start. Yeah, I guess from the very person who doesn’t believe in love at first sight, I think that is what exactly happened to me and curata reader. 😉

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