Are you a manga fan too? Do you also want to shelve them and you wish that there is a site for it that similar to goodreads or shelfari?

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I always separate manga and western books, as you can see in this post, we have allotted a space specifically for them. Online, I don’t shelve them at goodreads and I already axed my shelfari account because compare to goodreads it has smaller database (that was from my last check which was 2 to 3 years ago…I think. So I don’t know now). Honestly, I want this fandom of mine completely separate because I’m kind of OCD that way. So I search and search for good websites where I can catalogue and track down my reads and this is where these sites come into play. Presenting Booklog and Myanimelist: main page. Visit it: • a Japanese site that serves the same purpose as goodreads and shelfari. It has directory of books and not just only manga volumes or Japanese novels, there are also western books in their database as well. I am completely in love with their website interface. It’s very neat and really pretty. I can see where section/links are. It is to navigate.  What I liked the most is the virtual shelf, kinda like shelfari. It so pretty and even their widgets are pretty (see my sidebar).

my own account @ Booklog:

The only downside for me is website language is in Japanese. So if you don’t know a thing about the language, you’ll probably find it a hassle because from the start it would be impossible for you to sign up without knowing what is what. But since I like authenticity and being surrounded by katana and kanji makes the atmosphere more genuine, I decide to sign up (with the little help of a Japanese dictionary and Wikipedia). I search the titles of the manga by looking them up at wiki. The search engine shows many related results so it was easy for me to add the volumes. So far I haven’t updated my profile in a long time and besides I’m only reading few titles as of now.

Myanimelist main page:

If you do not like booklog because of the language how about trying Myanimelist. • This is a very popular site among the anime and manga crowd. You have two separate list for anime and manga. So if you are also an avid anime fan and you want to track down the episodes you are watching this site will greatly help you.

I also have an account there. Add me @

The downside for me is that visually speaking the site looks a little simple…boring. The design looks a little outdated to me.  Maybe that is just me and my fondness over pretty web graphics. But that said the site is very, very functional. They also offer widgets in case you want to boast your stats. 😉

Now are you ready to organize your anime & manga titles? So which one do you prefer? Whatever you choose as long you suits your needs don’t hesitate to sign up. They are open for everyone and very accessible because it is free! 😛