Title: Caleb + Kate
Author: Cindy Martinusen-Coloma
Published: May 2010 by Thomas Nelson

I’m not a big fan of love at first sight or whirlwind romance. Let’s face it isn’t realistic to invest such strong emotion on a person you hardly know, you just met. I’m very adamant about it, it’s not possible, not for me. Attraction, yes but love? Is just ain’t possible.

So why did I say that, because this one have a sort of whirlwind romance, and since I don’t believe in it, I should totally not fall for it. But guess what, I did. And as you can see I even gave it a full mark. Because I love it. I don’t know how this book had captured me mind and soul, but it did. I haven’t been this engrossed in a chick lit before. I’m so fortunate enough to have the pleasure of reading this wonderful story.

I haven’t read any Christian book before (maybe A Walk to Remember) so I truly find it interesting to finally read one. I’m so happy it wasn’t overly done, it was perfect for me. The entire book’s aspect just came perfectly. Yes, all I can give to this book are praises because it really deserved it. The story was heartwarming, refreshing that give a smile in your face. And the characters? They are wonderfully made. I absolutely loved both Caleb and Kate. Kate isn’t the typical rich brat, so just like Caleb her personality surprised me. She’s really a nice a girl. She thought about her actions and for once she fell in love with Caleb not because of surge of hormones or she is physically attracted to him (she do like him in that level of course, at least in the way I read her that’s not the only thing she fell in love on him). Her friends are those typical snob ones who dwell on material, superficial things like reputation and money. She isn’t, so I’m glad when she introduced Caleb to her friends, I was, ‘that was new’ most of the time they hide their relationship (not that they have relationship then and there… well not yet). So that was nice. Caleb, on the other hand isn’t they typical guy. I think I already got a fair share of book guys. They’re either the funny, supportive one, or the complicated, brooding type. He isn’t… he was – Him. Just him. It was hard to describe, but I do understand where these are coming from. So just like everything else in this book I was swoop down to my knees. I so want a Hawaiian boy for myself, lol.

In all seriousness, what I love about this is how delicate the relationship between the two main characters had formed. They are from different social status (or so I thought). It wasn’t just the rush of emotions. There is their faith. And in fact, they are aware that they are young and that what may felt for each other isn’t everything they thought it was. Which actually a plus grade for me, ‘coz really teens aren’t all that, they’re not four years old kid who doesn’t think the consequences of things they made. I, for one am not that illogical, at least when I was a teenager, or at least not every time (though I’m still immature in many ways). But I love how they made a decision for themselves, to hold to what they can have for now. And from there whatever their future will lead them. It was so romantic.

My favorite scene was when they went out and they rock (cliff, I think) climbing when Kate told Caleb that she might be falling in love with him. And gosh, Caleb answer just blew me away. I think hearts sprung under my bed and made me float in my overwhelming giddy sensation. That was so, so romantic. These kids, gosh.

I think I’m not the only one who plunged in this book and ascended fully contended. It definitely belongs to my fave list. And I said plenty of times I’m sucker for subtlety and this one is great example of that! Love it!