Title: Captivate
Author: Carie Jones
Pages: 273

Captivate is the second book of the Need series by Carrie Jones (and why bother to make separate entry?) because this book (I think) bested the first one, that’s why. I love this book so much and just like the title says it captivated me (cheesy, I know). I already read it thrice (ok because there is certain new character introduced, read below).

I really love the fact that Pixies weren’t evil as it was introduced in the first book. I love the plot twist, the added flavor to the already riveting plot. Although, I really like the naming phobia chant, the pixie tip inserts was quite funny so I guess I didn’t mind the change. And you know what I really love about this book? Yes, the new character – Astley. He just like her father is a pixie king. His dad died so he took over his position as such a young age. Like I said, Nick is not that interesting to me (and this guy call Zara “baby” which is super tacky, a total turn off) so I’m so eager to have a new guy to appear and Carrie Jones didn’t fail me. He is indeed wonderful character (an exciting addition). I’m a sucker for mysterious guy persona. And he is that (and more). I know that when he is in pixie form he isn’t exactly gorgeous but if he put up his glamour, this guy is have the appeal that swoon girls like me. I like how he tells to Zara that no matter what race/group they affiliated, evil is present, it is part of our (whatever it is) nature. Not all humans are good just like not all pixies are bad. And I super happy that it was Astley (gosh, this guy I love him but what a strange name. He said it himself). who turned Zara. She is now his “queen.” (Is it possible for the male lead to be introduced in the second book? Assuming Astley is the one for her. How do publisher know that a book will sell? Ah, the wonders of marketing. I can’t seem to get it because I’m a person who is fascinated with home TV shopping lmao).

Plot wise, the book answer a lot question posed in the first one. Like the nature of the pixies; what happen to Nick’s parent; why does his father need a queen despite his 16 years of absence, and the upcoming war, etc. I also love this book humor, it literally made me laugh when Zara assumed when pixie meant by kiss they’ll bite her in the neck (a la vampire). I’m so excited to read the next book. Carrie Jones knows how to pull a cliffhanger. I give it a shiny 5 stars. Super looove it!!!