Title: Carrier of the Mark
Author: Leigh Fallon
Series: (Carrier Trilogy #1)
Published: October 4th 2011 by HarperTeen

If you’re one of those who are sick and tired of reading books that are similar to Twilight (plot-wise), then you wouldn’t like Carrier of the Mark. This review even has a neat chart comparing the two and I must say it’s pretty accurate. That said, I kinda liked this book, there’s a bit of uniqueness to it BUT I can’t deny the uncanny resemblance. There were so many similarities that the plot was a tad predictable.

So basically, if you’ve read Twilight you already know the plot of this book. Megan Rosenberg moved to Ireland, met Adam DeRís that just like Edward is effing gorgeous with a certain mystery to him. Turns out he’s different—he’s marked. So here’s the difference with the story, Adam’s siblings are also marked ones, they have the ability to control elements. Think of Avatar: The Last Air Bender, Adam can manipulate water; Rian (his older brother) can draw out fire; his twin sister Aine controls earth. Of course our main lead girl is special, Megan controls air. There’s a lot of info dumping that left me confused; if I haven’t said enough I hate info dumping through dialogues. I think there’s a better way to present the concepts, ideas, information without relying on just dialogues. I actually liked the idea of the carrier of the mark, royal bloods, and the elements. I’m not just a big fan of the way the information was handled.

I think the relationship of Megan and Adam was abrupt. It just clicked, quite easily I must add. Just like Edward, Adam caved in after numerous sad attempts to stay away from her. After that, they all went mushy (which sometimes (yes, just sometimes only) educe an eyeroll from me), until some big news that will test their relationship. If you don’t mind the over the top mushy stuff then that (small?) detail won’t bother you. But I’m a bit sad that most heroines fall in love with the guy over superficial things. I really prefer if they start of with the world building and character development before they venture them into relationship. And because there’s too much (and for me a bit unnecessary) romance in this book, Megan and Adam (and the rest) didn’t have a solid impression on me, making them very forgettable.

On the bright side, the cover was undeniably gorgeous. Although it looked like she was ascending from the water when she should be, you know, surrounded by wind, since that is her element. Well, that’s just me. Also, the main idea was distinctive. Despite the info dumping, if it was handled differently, it’ll be its strongest asset, I’m pretty sure of it. Not that it wasn’t working here, it was… poorly executed. I was waiting for more action, exciting turn of events, but instead they most of the time just talking. Which to sum up was very boring. But you know, this is the first book (though not really a great excuse), and I’m pretty lenient when it comes to it. And besides it wasn’t all that bad, not really. So I’m still will continue the series. It wasn’t a great start, yes, but I see potential. So I do hope there will be an improvement.