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Title: Catching Jordan Author: Miranda Kenneally Published: December 1st 2011...

Title: Catching Jordan
Author: Miranda Kenneally
Published: December 1st 2011 by Sourcebooks Fire

This one is well…just nice.

I’m not a big fan of football, I’m not even sure if we have a football (American football) team here. Thanks to the anime/manga Eyeshield 21, I have enough know-how’s of the game. And besides, my interest with this book inclines more on the romance—which happened to fall short to my liking. Nonetheless it was still a swift read and there were moments I actually enjoyed the story.

You know how subjective reviews are. Like for this instance, I always gripe how weak heroines most of the time—the typical damsel in distress. And then Katniss arrived and it seems everyone welcome her type with open arms. Because I did and wish that heroine should be like her. But now that I got what I want from a heroine, I’m still not contended. See Jordan is…maybe I’m wrong, this is just me ok? But I felt like she was a bit too convenient. She was peg as a strong character but in reality she’s not. Hmm, how should I put it…she’s the only female on their football team. She plays a guy game, friends with them and treated her as equal, heck, she’s even the captain. Cool right? Well, not exactly. Her character is sort of disingenuous? For me, it was like she was portrayed as a cool chick but her character felt forced. I didn’t feel the sincerity. She came as two-dimensional for me.

For the football theme, I have no complaints. It was well executed. That part I did enjoy.

For the romance which was I’m interested more, sadly ended up in disappointment. So…ok, I kinda accepted that she instantly fell for Ty the moment she saw him. Then after his sad disclosure and a little push from her friends she went out with him. She even gave herself to him (for the very first time). It was abrupt for me. I mean, reality speaking what can be expected from 300 less pages. Of course it will wrap up quite fast but still, that doesn’t excuse it from giving the characters’ relationship a proper development they deserve. Everything about them, even her relationship with Henry at the end was poorly done.

But this book wasn’t all about the romance which I’m really thankful for. There is this relationship with her family—which was good. Tow thumbs up! I liked how he wanted to prove herself to her dad, and resolve some issues surrounding her and her love for football. Glad that those issues were given more focus. Minus the things I complained earlier (which is just my personal musings, no offense intended) overall, it was really a pleasant story.

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