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A decade of squee, rants…

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So it's been what? 3642 days and counting, 1232 posts, 120 months, 4 rebrands, and also 4 domain names later, here I am still blogging! ✨ I welcome you to my decade anniv posts! ✨ I can't believe I hit super major milestones! Who would've thought that I'm still in love with this hobby? Not even me, hobbies for me come and go! There was even a time where I stopped watching anime & reading manga! But blogging has been consistent since I started ten years ago! I think I already told everyone (on every opportunity me thinks) how my 

The Lucky Nine! Let me…

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I can't believe that I've been doing this blogging gig for nine whole years! I'm pretty impressed. And what makes it more astonishing is that I still love it the same way when I first started. Nine years is a long time, there are so many things that happened. So many big changes and lot of indecisiveness but here I am still burning with love and passion for everything I love to share! And sharing these part of myself is total drive that push me through! But today I'll be sharing you my nine memorable blogging things I've done in 

Tons of notes to self!…

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Aside from rereading, my biggest blogging tip is to take down notes! No, it really is! Nothing complicated but undeniably helpful! It doesn't have to be super fancy, you can add it to your existing journals if you have one (though it's great & nice but if you're in a rush then that might be an issue) but anything will do, even your phone (my favorite app is Google's Keep! I also use it for blogging!!) just to take down notes. Yes, all you need to do is write it or if your techie like me type 'em down, as 

This blog is my most…

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Except for twitter, but that just spur of the moment. And it's not my project per se. Same to my other SNS, for instance, I only use Instagram now as an archive for my travel adventures. Sometimes I do stories, but that's just when I'm in the mood! I haven't logged in to tumblr for who knows how long now. As for others I don't think of 'em as much as I do with my blog. My blog is very personal to me. It's everything about what I'm passionate about. It represents me as website: the messy thoughts, emoji-fied posts, 

Loving some analog style! My…

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It was first scheduling. I love putting everything I did, even if it may seem ordinary but if I consider it highlight of my day, I still take note of it. The only thing I do in advance is schedule, most of them I did it already. And then I've tried journaling again. It was bumpy experience since I've wanted to do it regularly but it's been so long since I wrote anything (except signing up papers & taking short notes, I don't write with pen anymore. In fact the callus on my finger from all the years of being 

Finding inspiration in solitude. The…

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Before I made another attempt to rebrand, I was feeling my motivation slipping away slowly despite of myself. And I hated how I looked at my blog back then. I was trying so hard to find my place and my pace. During what I called limbo days, I did learn how to schedule things up and that eased up my routine, but it wasn't enough. I still felt like something wasn't quite right. And it dawned me that I was transitioning quite awkwardly, trying to hold back because total change was a little daunting, but enough was enough. I had 

The Inevitable & important blogging…

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Said it plenty of times already but it bears repeating so here we go: when I started my blog all I wanted was an avenue for my random thoughts. I used to have mini blogs elsewhere before I settled down on livejournal until everyone made an exodus because of numerous problems roused ten years or so now. Instead of moving I created my online space. I also wanted it to be under the radar, while it was open to the public, I never really plugged it like I did with my other sites. I was simply just molding it as 

I can’t always think outside…

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Everybody seems to agree that being original is better. Presenting unique ideas and being the only one to offer it sets you apart from everyone else instantly. But as much as I want to be original and avant-garde all the time, I don’t think I’ll able to pull that off easily. I’m not the only one who has this kind of blog and I won’t be the last. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who share the same thought about this topic, somewhere already did or will do in the future. So telling people to “think outside the 

The statistical probability of me…

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You must be wondering why I ironically like to mention about stats when I always have cold reception towards it.  Because in a way, it’s fascinating to check the activities (rather than actual numbers) Where they came from. What posts people most favor. Those stuff. I added tracking code and post view snippet just recently...few months ago, iirc). It’s not for information to benefit my blog’s growth—which I numerously emphasized is not or never gonna be my priority. It’s mere curiosity.  The fact will sit for few moments then poof! I’ll continue with what I love to do best for 

Naming the EIGHT big changes…

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Despite my championing about changes, I have to admit that I’m still fearful of the changes coming especially when I have grown comfortable with what I have currently. Changes in and of itself isn’t bad but what makes the difference is the attitude about it. When I was completely content with my blogging ways during my bookish era I was super hesitant to hop over to the new direction. But seeing the direction evolving, interest shifting, I think that changes were impending. It was just lurking there. So I reassessed my goals and follow the my own tide. But of 

The changes in blogging culture…

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I heard a lot of buzz from people. They say that blogging is not trendy anymore, and a lot are moving to more popular platforms like Instagram and YouTube. And the worst they say about blogging is that it’s dying out. *gasp* How could they say to something I love, oh well that’s how it goes, but I just give zero care with all the hype!  I’m sticking to the platform I’m happy and comfortable with!  I’m here to stay and blog all the ridiculous ideas I have! I know and I’m very much aware of how the blogging culture 

What kinds are my favorite…

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I admit the one major aspect the leaves a quick impression to me is the blog's design (a designers prerogative me thinks). A good design blog makes me wanna go "ooooh~" with heart eyes.   But that first impression will wear off, and eventually it's not the one that sticks, it's still the content that will make me subscribe for the loooong haul. When I was still a book blogger, 90% of the blogs I follow were book blogs. But as I slowly and almost completely left the book reviewing community, I also ended up following every kind of blogs 

I stan emojis and why…

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Once upon a time I tweeted how I described my blog (or my blog's aesthetic so to speak) I mentioned that my blog is "gloriously pink, deliberately messy, and abusively emoji-ed." Yes, I'm guilty of littering my post with emoji. Childish? Perhaps, but I think it's just fits my writing personality. It adds personality and some way convey extra emotions coz you’ll be able to express your emotions via these emoji. I got comments that they thought I was younger (shame, I wish it was true) I think it's the way I speak online (not that my other self, my 

Why I rarely post about…

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One topic that I’m very uncomfortable of writing is about tips and tricks.  If you’re just gonna ask me personally like in twitter or email, I’ll answer you because it’s very specific. But to give some sort of guideline and act like an expert is an overwhelming task that I's rather not do. Even though I'm a long time blogger already (8 years here + some years in livejournal, then some more other years in some places) I feel like I still don't have enough courage to speak about things that might influence people, especially bloggers like myself. OK, maybe 

Blogging in between RL stuff…

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Let start this post with bold (overuse) statement: I love blogging, so I always make time. I need to make time. It's one of the things I'm so passionate about that's why I never viewed it as chore despite my busyness.  I make time for it 'cos I enjoy it. From brainstorming for post ideas, writing the content, maybe in the future taking photos for my blog & redesigning my blog (not soon, still love this one to bits!!) Everything I do that regards to my blog gives me immense joy, so I just want to do it even in 

The forgotten blogiversary…and why?

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Hey you, yes you! I've got a secret to tell: my book blog (which has morphed into what it is now) was created in October, but this blog started way before that! I installed Wordpress in July of 2010…I started Skye Station in July! I talked about the drama (both TV and life LOL) anime, manga and sometimes books…But when books begun to dominate the content of what supposed to be my personal blog, I’ve decided to trash everything and make a book review blog. And that was why I honor October as the date of my blogging anniversary! I 

Seeking the fangirl solace through…

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I think I knew blogging as early as I know about the internet! When my family finally got a stable internet connection (like early 2000s), I found it sort of overwhelming! I got to access amazing things via this little (OK, you know computer before ain’t small, hello big-ass monitor!!) machine—it was amazing! I went hoping from things (I, however, never find things like friendster or multiply appealing~) but I know I want something to fangirl! Yes, I ended up signing up on anime communities ( and through it I learned HTML! After learning some, I braved myself on making 

Is blogging a life changing…

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Life experience in the form of drastic changes? Not really, but in many ways I learned (and still learning) so much from blogging that I think sticking with it, writing my thoughts whenever the idea idea sparks is already a habit that is very hard to break!  I’m absolutely thankful that I chanced upon this hobby and I still making me happy in many ways I don’t even know how (and why!) When I officially started blogging publicly here on WordPress,  I only have one goal and I achieved it. I get to share my thoughts, and that makes me 

Why I would never be…

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Envy is such negative word for me. Envy is an ugly emotion and something I don’t want to feel in association to the things I love. So being envious of someone’s success is something I don’t even try to give a thought about, it's not really worth my time. So when it comes to blogging I never ever been insecure or envious of someone else’s blogging success. I think—which I already said over and over again—contented with how my blog runs now; more so when I decided to re-established my goals and reasons why I want to blog. In the 

The financial aspects of a…

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I’m not rich! I’m not even from a middle class family! I’m just…average.   Well yeah, sometimes I can afford something like traveling, but even that take a decent amount of savings to happen! So I need to be wise when it comes to spending. And so when it comes to blogging, the least money I put in to it the better. Actually, the more that money isn’t involved in it the better—no, the best!! I already touched this issue before but in the perspective of a book blogger. However, my opinion then remains the same 'til today, although I forgot 

The tiny ripple in this…

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That’s how I felt even before when I tried (operative word: tried) to gain some followers because of book blogging game was fierce back then (think of ARCs). I always thought why me, why this small blog, this tiny ripple in this vast ocean? And then years later I came in to terms that it’s okay to be this tiny (cute? ) ripple in the ocean; it might sound insignificant or unnoticeable but the personal joy it brings to me isn’t something can be labeled or compensated by being popular! No, goodness, I’m not telling that people who strive to 

Is there a return of…

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Whether it’s money, time and effort—blogging is not as effortless as it may look like (or I claimed it to be in the past then again I’m blogging out of my own interest…more of this later). There’s lot of shenanigans going on behind the scenes.  I can imagine how hectic it is for established bloggers with wide readership marketing their brand/preparing their content—more so to the bloggers that make profits out of their blogs too, and for some reason I have the impression the some misunderstood their lifestyle by pursuing their passion in life and make a living out of 

Why I don’t delete my…

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This is my third attempt (and I’m pretty sure it’s not the last—at least name wise ) on rebranding and only once did I wipe out my old post when I decided to change things up. I said this over and over again that this blog was originally a personal blog called Skye Station then I turned it to book blog, and went by the name Aeropapers. And when I became an otaku again I switched it and fused it with Kyaa (my now defunct anime + manga blog), Rainyink was born. And then here we are, another name—Faiery: where 

Why you should consider scheduling,…

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OK, here’s the thing! I love scheduling! And I think now that I have fully embraced this method my blog is functioning very well! I post regularly (regularly ≠ daily) unlike before there are times I post a lot, then months I only post like 1-2 posts! Now I commonly publish 5-6 posts a month (at least new posts every 5-6 days or one per week—that’s my target) because I made schedules! And here’s why you should also consider one! You just gonna love the consistency your blog is producing! I think the best thing about scheduling is that you’re 

How do I love my…

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Do you love your blog? Do you love blogging? I think if these questions were asked to me I’ll heartily say yes because I do love this blog, and I do love blogging as a hobby.  But to measure it, it’s kinda hard to do! It’s something that comes naturally in my life now. It becomes an essential part of me…because it’s my outlet. It something that gives me joy! How much do I love it? I think I love it enough to spend time in it. To invest time thinking about what I want to share. To conceptualize post 

Blog aesthetic rambles (when you’re…

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Web Design is something very important to me! Design is another way to present who I am as a blogger. My designs are always about presentation and at the same time an overview. My aesthetics are always girly (read: pink!) minimal, and clean. That’s it! That’s my aesthetic. But let’s go deeper! How important is my design to me? VERY. As in VERY! One of the things I persuaded myself to get into when I started to formally blog (after moving from livejournal) publicly was WordPress development. In 2009 this CMS was like alien to me! It was so complicated! 

(Thinking about blog ideas!) Sporadic…

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It was so hilarious in a way; so one night in November I was outlining my posts for 2018 (you know how I love scheduling things so I can do more stuff and it’s more organized this way, obviously) and just I got all of these ideas and write them all up (upon checking I have 20+ topics minus the ones I already scheduled (until June, yep I’m on the roll, people~) so I really, really love that I now do scheduling and note taking; to think I was so averse to the idea before because I foolishly thought it 

What’s your (my) blogger personality?

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You can get glimpse a little bit of the blogger’s persona through their writing. It’s what I think! I shared before that my personality is pretty childish and playful not because I’m trying hard to sound like it but it just naturally comes out whenever I write! Yes, that is very me of me to put emojis here and there!  To make grammar mistakes all over my writing!   I tend to be shouty and fangirling when it comes to my posts particularly to the ones I’m pretty passionate about! That’s just me! But I love my fun side and that’s 

Blogging in solitude & why…

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Ever since I started blogging the reason is always about me. The reason why I started. The reason why I still love it. The reason why I keep on blogging. The reason I make time…etc., etcetera. Yes, it’s all about me and I’m not even sure if it’s good or bad thing to heavily focus my blogging on me. But at the end of the day my enjoyment weighs so much in this hobby that it’s the sole reason why I am still here, word vomiting for all the interwebs to witness! Now with my blogging changed direction I’ve decided 

Just another post about blogger…

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First, a greeting is in order, Happy 7th Blogoversary my sweet, sweet blog! Three years ago I wrote three simple ways on how to stay longer in this blogger game! And while time to time I’m losing some of that steam but I still find myself returning and revamping my blog. Because to me it isn’t just a simple blog anymore. I put some hard work, at the same time I sincerely enjoy it—without so much outside factor influencing my decision and enjoyment. I don’t care if it isn’t an ‘IT’ thing anymore, and everyone’s abandoning their blogs and moving 

How do I find the…

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Before I was this ATM (at-the-moment) blogger. Back when I was only reviewing books I tend to write review then hit publish. That’s it no fancy schmancy stuff I do prior to it (well except for the obvious that’s reading the book!) Then I branched out a little, went on writing stuff of my own not just reviews. But same things were applied; I wrote it the moment the idea hatched. Yeah, I’m spontaneous! #truekween  But my blog transitioned yet again and for some reason I became more polished an organized than before. I’m not letting my blog inconsistently produce 

Gearing your blog to a…

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After three tries, would I consider re-branding easy? I think so…and in some aspects it is also not. I’m not really the best person to ask about blogging, I may have 7 years under my belt but I've always been unpredictable—that whatever I’m interested in at the moment or whatever floats my boat I immediately want to integrate it in my blogging. This was how I blogged before…the me before where I happily blog in solitude, and I want to return to my roots. Now, I underwent another change and this time because I was burnout of what my blog 

My anonymity and why I…

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If you’re gonna ask if it’s possible to retain you anonymity despite having a platform online where you can get carried away with the things you’re sharing, it’s still possible. I highly value my privacy, that’s why I still float around with my online alias badge.  I'm not comfortable baring everything on the interwebs, I'm cautious that way. So maybe, some of the peeps online already know my real name (and you know how search engines tracks us all the damn time!), but I think I’m way too reserved tell everyone the me offline. The me offline somehow differs from 

The Blogging Break Experience!

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I pride myself as a consistent blogger. Sure, my blog underwent (er—every changing name/theme should now be expected from me, folks. Revamp is thy name of the game!) numerous changes but the blogging itself, I’ve always been consistently blogging from the day I decided ‘oh, I want to have a public blog!’ New web projects keep me super elated.  Last June (which extended til second week of July), I decided to take a blogging a break—a well-deserved if I say so myself. I’ve been continuously blogging for the past seven years; this humble little space of mine, I love it! 

Have you ever have one…

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Do I have blogging regrets? I don’t think I have, I couldn't think of anything I did with my blog that I regret. Every changes I made, be it spontaneous or well-though out, I didn’t regret doing it, maybe because this blog represents so much of what I want, rather than what is out there!  Therefore I haven’t felt those regrets that I sometimes read from other’s experiences. I was thinking it through if there’s even a minor thing that I’ve regret doing so I can say that I do have those cases. But nah, I don’t have! And I 

Blogger Labels!

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Let’s back-pedal to circa 2010, if a situation arise that I need to specifically label myself as to what kind of blogger I am, I won’t hesitate to say I’m a book blogger!   Even though I was hesitant to even bring that up! Now, I don’t have precise “label” other than generic term—“blogger!” And while my topics are heavily graphic novel (manga & manhwa (webtoons) related, I still couldn’t say I’m aniblogger. Have you see anime/manga blogs? They groove differently than mine. Like book blogs, they also concentrate on reviews, news, features but mine is more…different…more editorial I think? I 

Why taking notes should be…

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It is just a simple task; get a paper/notebook and pen (or your phone if you’re like me glued to their phones) and write! Sometimes you’ll get idea from the strangest things (and not just about blogging topics, I also told you how sporadic my design inspiration comes from!)  You always need to be ready when the inspiration sparks. And trust me it sometimes happens in the most inconvenient times so you need to be ready! So why as simple as taking notes is your critical blogging tip, Mitchii?  Because for that sole reason—it’s simple! I sound like a broken 

When do I write my…

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I told you guys that I finally found my blogging groove and I realized how awesome it is to schedule and write my content beforehand.  I was the impulsive type before and there was nothing wrong with it because in many years it was working fine for me—because how I used to run my blog and my content before allowed that liberty. But now that I moved away from my old self and interest, I decided to changed things up a bit.  I used to think that scheduling was restricting but it actually isn’t. It just looks that way but 

Blogger Session: Why changes shouldn’t…

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I’m going to start this post with something ever so cliché: someone said that the only constant in this world is change! And that’s true in every life situation. There’s nothing in this world that doesn’t change! So roll those eyes when your so called friends tell you to “not change.” Haha, /JK only but really, change isn’t specific. It can be for the better or for the worst! But change is necessary, and I understand the apprehension that involves with the process! Don’t worry those things are warranted—expected but don’t be too cautious! Because unless you do it you’ll 

Blogger Session: Let me talk…

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Know this, I’m very laid back kind of person and I want that kind of vibe to reflect on my writing! I don’t want to write professionally on my blog (ugh, that’s too tiring) so the way I write my post is almost the same way if I talk to you in person (well that is if you’re someone I’m comfortable with.  I, in fact, wear a hard to crack social barrier that make me act so awkward & inaudible with people IRL.) This blog? It’s totally me! The weirdness, the mistakes, the immaturity—yep that’s me. In some way I 

Blogger Session: Some behind the…

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My blogging routine was never really complex to begin with. And now that I have resorted to scheduling my posts, it became easier than ever! I don’t have to cram to write reviews anymore! I don’t have to read so many books (sometimes by force!), or think of being left behind by my ARCs. I rid of all the things that give me pressure. I read the hell I want! Those old thoughts are not a welcome presence in my new blogging niche! And right now, I feel like breathing! But I’m not super stiff type of person but I 

Blogger Session: Why did I…

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I tend apologize in advance of my highly possible mistakes. I often reason out that English isn’t my mother tongue—which is true btw, it’s not! But the validity of this excuse is starting to wear off! I could just polish my English thoroughly to avoid sounding like a broken record. Sounds logical, right? Right! I’m not totally uncomfortable with English tbqh. I use it casually! It’s hard to converse here without throwing English words or phrases here and there, especially communicating with kids and professionals nowadays. I even find it kinda rare to hear a person here speaks Filipino fluently 

Blogger Session: They say I’m…

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The only thing that can come close to organization is my taking notes on things! I’m somewhat fixated on tracking down my progress or plans (or things I’ve already done)! Other than that I'm as casual & as spontaneous as you can get! sorry about handwriting I'm sloppy when I'm the only who read it! I like to pretend that my blog is polished and nice. But the people who frequent my blog know how huge of fangirl I am and how equally huge slacker I am with proofreading. I’m what you called selective organized; my priorities are skewed at 

Blogger Session: Keeping myself motivated!

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Even though sometimes I occasionally hit slumps and the lot, it still has never really occurred to me to leave. I love blogging. I love how it provided me lots of things. Lots of learning that I otherwise will not know if I didn’t step into the world of blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t shy away on things I don’t like, or eventually dislike. I’m also one of those people who quits once I realize that this and that didn’t click with me anymore. But blogging? It’s refreshing! It’s something I really enjoy regardless of slumps, of changes, 

Blogger Session: My little adventures…

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I take note after I posted not prior (to set things straight)! But I fixed a pattern on what content to publish from entries I’ve already written. I also make “notes to self” for things I want to accomplish within the time period I put upon myself. #iliketochallengemyself By posting this I might be deceiving you poor souls that yours truly is a very organized person. NOOOT! But yes, I’m not as spontaneous as I was few years ago; and that’s because my blog went to a lot of changes. I’m not exclusively reviewing books anymore (admittedly I almost forgot 

Blogger Sessions #1: I blog…

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I don’t know if you guys find the time (I mean literally the time!) relevant. I’ve always been very active during the night. I’m a night owl so to speak. So from the very beginning, I’d set my blogging routine at nights—usually before I sleep. I know being in front of the computer is counterproductive with study shows that if you’re expose to tech before you sleep, chances are, well, you can’t sleep. I always have problems sleeping early. In effect, I became infamous for being late comer (my motto was: "is better than absent!"). My classmates & co-workers knew 

And then another theme just…

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I don’t really share my thought process when it comes to designing. It’s not like I have some hidden jutsu behind it. Honestly I don’t. I thought my process is simple and ordinary. I hope inspiration do come easily but alas it doesn’t. I think I have very normal approach to it: when the inspiration strikes—it strikes! It comes from everything I see. Sometimes it came when I was window shopping and saw a piece of garment. The entire idea always came from a single piece. Let’s broaden that topic: for example this theme, I was inspired by the owl