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Blogging in between RL stuff…

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Let start this post with bold (overuse) statement: I love blogging, so I always make time. I need to make time. It's one of the things I'm so passionate about that's why I never viewed it as chore despite my busyness.  I make time for it 'cos I enjoy it. From brainstorming for post ideas, writing the content, maybe in the future taking photos for my blog & redesigning my blog (not soon, still love this one to bits!!) Everything I do that regards to my blog gives me immense joy, so I just want to do it even in 

The forgotten blogiversary…and why?

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Hey you, yes you! I've got a secret to tell: my book blog (which has morphed into what it is now) was created in October, but this blog started way before that! I installed Wordpress in July of 2010…I started Skye Station in July! I talked about the drama (both TV and life LOL) anime, manga and sometimes books…But when books begun to dominate the content of what supposed to be my personal blog, I’ve decided to trash everything and make a book review blog. And that was why I honor October as the date of my blogging anniversary! I 

Seeking the fangirl solace through…

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I think I knew blogging as early as I know about the internet! When my family finally got a stable internet connection (like early 2000s), I found it sort of overwhelming! I got to access amazing things via this little (OK, you know computer before ain’t small, hello big-ass monitor!!) machine—it was amazing! I went hoping from things (I, however, never find things like friendster or multiply appealing~) but I know I want something to fangirl! Yes, I ended up signing up on anime communities ( and through it I learned HTML! After learning some, I braved myself on making 

Is blogging a life changing…

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Life experience in the form of drastic changes? Not really, but in many ways I learned (and still learning) so much from blogging that I think sticking with it, writing my thoughts whenever the idea idea sparks is already a habit that is very hard to break!  I’m absolutely thankful that I chanced upon this hobby and I still making me happy in many ways I don’t even know how (and why!) When I officially started blogging publicly here on WordPress,  I only have one goal and I achieved it. I get to share my thoughts, and that makes me 

Why I would never be…

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Envy is such negative word for me. Envy is an ugly emotion and something I don’t want to feel in association to the things I love. So being envious of someone’s success is something I don’t even try to give a thought about, it's not really worth my time. So when it comes to blogging I never ever been insecure or envious of someone else’s blogging success. I think—which I already said over and over again—contented with how my blog runs now; more so when I decided to re-established my goals and reasons why I want to blog. In the 

The financial aspects of a…

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I’m not rich! I’m not even from a middle class family! I’m just…average.   Well yeah, sometimes I can afford something like traveling, but even that take a decent amount of savings to happen! So I need to be wise when it comes to spending. And so when it comes to blogging, the least money I put in to it the better. Actually, the more that money isn’t involved in it the better—no, the best!! I already touched this issue before but in the perspective of a book blogger. However, my opinion then remains the same 'til today, although I forgot 

The tiny ripple in this…

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That’s how I felt even before when I tried (operative word: tried) to gain some followers because of book blogging game was fierce back then (think of ARCs). I always thought why me, why this small blog, this tiny ripple in this vast ocean? And then years later I came in to terms that it’s okay to be this tiny (cute? ) ripple in the ocean; it might sound insignificant or unnoticeable but the personal joy it brings to me isn’t something can be labeled or compensated by being popular! No, goodness, I’m not telling that people who strive to 

Is there a return of…

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Whether it’s money, time and effort—blogging is not as effortless as it may look like (or I claimed it to be in the past then again I’m blogging out of my own interest…more of this later). There’s lot of shenanigans going on behind the scenes.  I can imagine how hectic it is for established bloggers with wide readership marketing their brand/preparing their content—more so to the bloggers that make profits out of their blogs too, and for some reason I have the impression the some misunderstood their lifestyle by pursuing their passion in life and make a living out of 

Why I don’t delete my…

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This is my third attempt (and I’m pretty sure it’s not the last—at least name wise ) on rebranding and only once did I wipe out my old post when I decided to change things up. I said this over and over again that this blog was originally a personal blog called Skye Station then I turned it to book blog, and went by the name Aeropapers. And when I became an otaku again I switched it and fused it with Kyaa (my now defunct anime + manga blog), Rainyink was born. And then here we are, another name—Faiery: where 

Why you should consider scheduling,…

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OK, here’s the thing! I love scheduling! And I think now that I have fully embraced this method my blog is functioning very well! I post regularly (regularly ≠ daily) unlike before there are times I post a lot, then months I only post like 1-2 posts! Now I commonly publish 5-6 posts a month (at least new posts every 5-6 days or one per week—that’s my target) because I made schedules! And here’s why you should also consider one! You just gonna love the consistency your blog is producing! I think the best thing about scheduling is that you’re 

How do I love my…

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Do you love your blog? Do you love blogging? I think if these questions were asked to me I’ll heartily say yes because I do love this blog, and I do love blogging as a hobby.  But to measure it, it’s kinda hard to do! It’s something that comes naturally in my life now. It becomes an essential part of me…because it’s my outlet. It something that gives me joy! How much do I love it? I think I love it enough to spend time in it. To invest time thinking about what I want to share. To conceptualize post 

Blog aesthetic rambles (when you’re…

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Web Design is something very important to me! Design is another way to present who I am as a blogger. My designs are always about presentation and at the same time an overview. My aesthetics are always girly (read: pink!) minimal, and clean. That’s it! That’s my aesthetic. But let’s go deeper! How important is my design to me? VERY. As in VERY! One of the things I persuaded myself to get into when I started to formally blog (after moving from livejournal) publicly was WordPress development. In 2009 this CMS was like alien to me! It was so complicated! 

(Thinking about blog ideas!) Sporadic…

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It was so hilarious in a way; so one night in November I was outlining my posts for 2018 (you know how I love scheduling things so I can do more stuff and it’s more organized this way, obviously) and just I got all of these ideas and write them all up (upon checking I have 20+ topics minus the ones I already scheduled (until June, yep I’m on the roll, people~) so I really, really love that I now do scheduling and note taking; to think I was so averse to the idea before because I foolishly thought it 

What’s your (my) blogger personality?

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You can get glimpse a little bit of the blogger’s persona through their writing. It’s what I think! I shared before that my personality is pretty childish and playful not because I’m trying hard to sound like it but it just naturally comes out whenever I write! Yes, that is very me of me to put emojis here and there!  To make grammar mistakes all over my writing!   I tend to be shouty and fangirling when it comes to my posts particularly to the ones I’m pretty passionate about! That’s just me! But I love my fun side and that’s 

Blogging in solitude & why…

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Ever since I started blogging the reason is always about me. The reason why I started. The reason why I still love it. The reason why I keep on blogging. The reason I make time…etc., etcetera. Yes, it’s all about me and I’m not even sure if it’s good or bad thing to heavily focus my blogging on me. But at the end of the day my enjoyment weighs so much in this hobby that it’s the sole reason why I am still here, word vomiting for all the interwebs to witness! Now with my blogging changed direction I’ve decided