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  • 2016 / 02 / 21

    2016 Love-a-Thon!: Spine Poetry

    I’m such a noobie when it comes spine poetry. I haven’t done it before, plus I don’t think have that much of literary genes inside of me. But oh well, I tried! I hope it does make sense (I just wanted to sound pretty, poetic, haha). Timeless Illusions Ascend Into the Still Blue Sounds pretty me thinks, but pretty random ei~. ;D

  • 2016 / 02 / 20

    2016 Love-a-Thon!: Introduction.

    Hi, this is gonna be my first EVER to participate in an event like #LOVE-A-THON so I hope I’ll do it it right. I’m not really good at group events but I’ll try to do it well. I’m in you care, everyone~ (Super duper late posting this.) 🙁 What’s your name? I’m Mitchii! *bows* Where in the world are you blogging from? Manila, Philippines. 😎 How did you get into blogging in the first place? I used to be active—

  • 2016 / 01 / 26

    I just love my style of blogging.

    It’s well known fact that everyone has their own reasons why they started their blogs. I’m very vocal for mine: it’s just for me. Even after six years the reason remained the same—I just needed an outlet. I just want to channel out my opinion. I just need a space to squee, to rant, & just to ramble. I never actively aimed for anything outside of my main reasons. Sure, the blog, and also my style have changed as the—

  • 2016 / 01 / 07

    Starting the year right!

    I’m a huge fan of diary. Ever since I was in elementary school I already kept a diary to take down notes about what happened to me: from big events (big for 10-year old kid mind you) to totally mundane things like new anime to watch (yes, I’m an otaku ever since…EVER!). I managed collect several diaries from I was a kid til HS. But when I got into university my interest dwindled aside from my schedule was pretty much—

  • 2015 / 12 / 25

    Merry Christmas!

    Just want to greet y’all a very wonderful Christmas~! For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6 NIV Have fun you guys! Enjoy the festivity! Handmade Christmas-trees by Freepik. Thank You!

  • 2015 / 12 / 23

    Aim high for 2016!

    Setting up new goals for the coming new year is both exhilarating & nerve-wracking. Giving yourself another chance to start with a clean slate is really encouraging but I still feel anxious about it, haha (like when did I not?). Of course every time I set these goals I always get back to what I wrote the last year, to check if I did them the way I wanted it. And while it was a shaky process I believe I—

  • 2015 / 12 / 11

    Fave Picks From this Mix 2015!

    When your yearly special official post title doesn’t resonate your status due to your ongoing predicament; therefore you have no choice but to make teeny bit of adjustment. And so, what I called best of the best doesn’t reflect what I feel right now. Sadly that bookish slump hit me pretty bad. It’s not the lack of trying (OK so maybe a bit of that, I admit) but I found some of my reads for this year on the mediocre—

  • 2015 / 10 / 23

    I had the right story at the right time.

    If there’s one story that came at one point in my life that I can truly relate with, that is Honey and Clover by Umino Chica (making it my most favorite josei series of all-time as well). I shed so many womanly tears, laughed hysterically, and then cried again. I felt like a piece of my soul went with the series when it finished. Because Honey and Clover made me reflect several things about my life back then. I wasn’t—

  • 2015 / 10 / 17

    Have you ever dear self??!!

    In this special edition of rainyink ‘lil aniv bash, I decided to amuse myself and answer some “have you ever” questions (idea sparked while watching Ellen). And since it’s yours truly blogging anniversary I decided to center the questions about blogging. Have you ever been jealous of other bloggers? Beside that time when I boldly told everyone how I envy people who have great command of the English language? None that I can think of. Oh maybe that time when—

  • 2015 / 10 / 13

    In which I try to choose!

    This is my 905th post (that’s amazing right? It means I already wrote heck of a lot of things—important or otherwise—more of the latter I’m afraid. 😆 ) This was a little tricky but I decided as my first (out of five) entry for my blog’s little bash, I’ve choose 5 memorable posts so far. I had great array to choose from so it’s quite difficult task to do but a girl’s gotta do what the girl’s gotta do, right?—

  • 2015 / 10 / 07

    Shut Up & Dance with Me!

    [I was a little MIA with the blog that was because I was cooking something new for weeks now but then it dawned on me that it’s now October (and I didn’t even get to do a monthly recap for September; epic fail, self, epic fail!).] 😥 But it’s October, unbelievably so, and this month always reminds me of number—age. My mom’s birthday, my sister -in-law, ME, and then my blog. In a way I should give this milestone a—

  • 2015 / 09 / 11

    Relax and Continue on!

    If there’s one thing I’m completely envious with some bloggers is their ability to express their thoughts so eloquently. One of the main reasons why I insisted on blogging despite my obvious lack of writing talent is to acquire that skill. But I’ve been doing this for quite some time and while I do think I improved *coughs* diminutive progress *coughs* but I’m nowhere where I want to be & often reasoned that it’s not my mother tongue (I think—

  • 2015 / 08 / 30

    Those bookish playlists.

    I told you guys before that I finally acquired the skill of listening to music while reading. If I’m reading a book I want my ears plugged with the volume somewhat high (particularly if I’m reading in public places, though that’s very rare thing for me to do). I want to mask the noise through music. I also listen to music while I’m designing/coding. I think I heard before that listening to music stimulates brain function. And oh boy, do—

  • 2015 / 08 / 21

    What’s On My Reading List!

    I’m bringing back my old feature which I called “What’s On My Reading List!” Basically, I’m just going to tell you which ones have added to my never ending pile. The schedule of this post is sporadic. This is a special feature here, on Rainy Ink, where I present you the books & manga I’m planning to read. I decided to do this in hope that I’ll able to declutter my ever piling TBR. Honestly, I don’t know why I—

  • 2015 / 08 / 16

    That fairy tale-ish tag!

    Evil Stepsisters: a book with characters you just hate I would have said Uchiha Sasuke (from Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto) because for many years he was the bane of my existence. I totally loathed this character’s gut. But he redeemed himself at the last minute that sort vanquished my deep hatred towards him. So I guess my pick would be Goodwin from Gabrielle Zevin’s All These Things I’ve Done. He was the boring guy who won Anya’s heart (much to—