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  • 2017 / 10 / 17

    30 things I’ve realized now that I’m in my 30s!

    Inspired by various people’s posts, I’ve decided to do mine as well. Let’s backtrack first: during my mid-twenties I kinda accepted that well, I’m old now…that I’m not as young as before (duh!). That sometimes I have back pains in the worst days. That I have to suck it up and face the day. That I have bills to pay so I need to withhold buying things I want. Those stuff. When I actually and officially turned 30 last year,—

  • 2017 / 09 / 14

    Let me tell you about my non-existent bucket list.

    When I check personal blogs and came across their list of things they want to achieve in life (sometimes with age limitation, what the!? You’re amazingly amazing!!!) I ponder the reason why I’m so reluctant to do it! Maybe because I’m always see myself spontaneous or take things slowly (once at a time) that I don’t ever come up with my own life’s bucket list! Sure I do have one…maybe? But it’s not as extensive or formal from what I’ve—

  • 2017 / 08 / 02

    So long thanks for all the fish!

    With my new domain also came with major decision! I’ve finally decided to quit the fanlisting business. After 10+ years I say adieu! If you don’t know what fanlisting is, the concept is pretty easy—build a small site dedicated to a subject and let people or precisely the fans to join! I fell in love with the fanlisting in the late 2000s. I found a group of awesome web designers and anime + manga fans alike! It was a blast.—

  • 2017 / 07 / 20

    Why I renamed and what’s gonna happen next?

    Hello! It’s nice to see you here! If you managed to hunt down where I relocated then thank you for following me, still. It’s nice to know that you’re up to the task of following my excessive fangirl outburst as part of your online activity; with that you have my huge thanks! And if you just gotten curious with the changes, I have that cover, too! Yes, this is former Rainyink (also the ex-Aeropapers) but the blogger (me!) want some—

  • 2016 / 12 / 25

    Merry Christmas!

    It’s actually a tradition here in my blog to greet you everyone a very Merry Christmas! Ever since I started blogging I always make sure to greet everyone since I love Christmas! It’s the day of sharing but most of all to remember that we have received such precious gift from God! And an angel of the Lord suddenly stood before them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them; and they were terribly frightened. But the angel said—

  • 2016 / 10 / 01

    The me ‘before’ and the me ‘now’!

    If there’s one thing I’ll never get it right after six years of blogging is celebrating blog anniversaries! Like seriously what to do, what to do?! But do I really need to celebrate every year? Does it warrant a special day of “hey guys I’m blogging for this amount of time already!” Do you care? Do I care? Actually I do! I love my blog! I think I’ve said it plenty of times before that you probably sick of me—

  • 2016 / 07 / 08

    Mini Adventures in Asahiya Bookstore!

    Bookstores make me happy! Sure, I’m not the biggest novel/book fan as of right now but I still love reading. I lamented on twitter before how some people belittled graphic novel readers—as if it’s childish or fake reading (WTF is fake reading?!). I read it! I don’t just stare at the pictures and that’s it! Maybe they haven’t read a graphic novel like the literary monster that is Tokyo Ghoul! So I implore you to try a manga out (or—

  • 2016 / 01 / 26

    I just love my style of blogging.

    It’s well known fact that everyone has their own reasons why they started their blogs. I’m very vocal for mine: it’s just for me. Even after six years the reason remained the same—I just needed an outlet. I just want to channel out my opinion. I just need a space to squee, to rant, & just to ramble. I never actively aimed for anything outside of my main reasons. Sure, the blog, and also my style have changed as the—

  • 2016 / 01 / 07

    Starting the year right!

    I’m a huge fan of diary. Ever since I was in elementary school I already kept a diary to take down notes about what happened to me: from big events (big for 10-year old kid mind you) to totally mundane things like new anime to watch (yes, I’m an otaku ever since…EVER!). I managed collect several diaries from I was a kid til HS. But when I got into university my interest dwindled aside from my schedule was pretty much—

  • 2015 / 12 / 25

    Merry Christmas!

    Just want to greet y’all a very wonderful Christmas~! For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6 NIV Have fun you guys! Enjoy the festivity! Handmade Christmas-trees by Freepik. Thank You!

  • 2015 / 12 / 23

    Aim high for 2016!

    Setting up new goals for the coming new year is both exhilarating & nerve-wracking. Giving yourself another chance to start with a clean slate is really encouraging but I still feel anxious about it, haha (like when did I not?). Of course every time I set these goals I always get back to what I wrote the last year, to check if I did them the way I wanted it. And while it was a shaky process I believe I—

  • 2015 / 10 / 17

    Have you ever dear self??!!

    In this special edition of rainyink ‘lil aniv bash, I decided to amuse myself and answer some “have you ever” questions (idea sparked while watching Ellen). And since it’s yours truly blogging anniversary I decided to center the questions about blogging. Have you ever been jealous of other bloggers? Beside that time when I boldly told everyone how I envy people who have great command of the English language? None that I can think of. Oh maybe that time when—

  • 2015 / 10 / 07

    Shut Up & Dance with Me!

    [I was a little MIA with the blog that was because I was cooking something new for weeks now but then it dawned on me that it’s now October (and I didn’t even get to do a monthly recap for September; epic fail, self, epic fail!).] 😥 But it’s October, unbelievably so, and this month always reminds me of number—age. My mom’s birthday, my sister -in-law, ME, and then my blog. In a way I should give this milestone a—

  • 2015 / 09 / 11

    Relax and Continue on!

    If there’s one thing I’m completely envious with some bloggers is their ability to express their thoughts so eloquently. One of the main reasons why I insisted on blogging despite my obvious lack of writing talent is to acquire that skill. But I’ve been doing this for quite some time and while I do think I improved *coughs* diminutive progress *coughs* but I’m nowhere where I want to be & often reasoned that it’s not my mother tongue (I think—