Graphic Novels / In which Mitchii shares how Mystic Messenger took her heart and soul~♡
I watched this Opening a million times and I just gaaaah~ still love it! I never in my wildest dream imagined that I’m gonna be this obsess with a certain game!

I’m not a gamer. I don’t have the patience to play games. I always give up when the tough gets going! When I heard about otome games I wasn’t too sure about it too. Me romancing boys~ Sounds nice but nah! ^^; However when I saw Mystic Messenger 수상한메신저 on my tumblr dash so many times, it piqued my interest! The screenshots they reblogged were funny! The character designs are sure art candies! For some reason they felt different from otome games I encountered so far and that was refreshing! I hesitated at first but my head kept nagging me to try it, and so I tried! And now here I am!

I freaking loved it! As a matter of speaking I’m doing my second run (thankfully I didn’t do the whole normal endings (except 707) so I have reason to try again—not sure if I’m up to the task to do bad endings because I loved their HEAs so much! I had fun (well still having fun) but that being said I don’t think I’ll be playing otome games after this. I’m not sure if this is just a one-time deal but so far MysMe was it for me for now, no urges…yet. LOL

Enough of that, today I’m ranking my favorite routes! I might spill some teeny tiny spoilers about it so yeah, take this as a warning! K? If you don’t mind, read my rambles away~!

As the MC: the rule of thumb is to be understanding & compassionate! I don’t even think you need a walkthrough just to get their good/normal endings (or bad endings—choose the meaner ones!). The choices were pretty transparent! I think MC is the kindest person they ever met (or virtually encountered); it is mostly the reason why they got interested! All of these people have issues and MC’s role was to provide companionship (eventually became more) to them. Even though I was technically the MC I can’t help separating my identity from her. She’s different from me but an ounce of common sense will get you far in this game! Again remember the rule of the thumb! Oh, and call them! CALL THEM as much as you can!!!!


1. Han Jumin ∙ 한주민 (my husbando!) Madonna was right: I’m a ma-ma-material girl. Joke! No, Jumin Han is my favorite character hands down and his route is the best for me! Even though when I was playing for the first time I was both favoring 707 and him, I still got him! He was the easiest route for me! I didn’t break his heart not even once; whereas I did for the other four. I’m not too sure why I loved him; maybe because he’s the oldest so I loved his maturity (and sometimes immaturity) and I did like his intensity (made me weak in the knees LMAO). He was strong yet vulnerable; once the threads as he put it unraveled, it made him so exposed! I heard some were put off because of his possessiveness later at the game, but reading the situation carefully I understand why he was like that! They failed to notice the he was trying (totally, completely) even though he was in great confusion himself. He was a man who had never worn his emotions on his sleeves. So being with MC not only opened him up as your lover but also a human being. In less serious but equally important note, he is unquestionably sexy AF. His voice actor was so perfect for him; his baritone voice gave me dozens of ‘kilig’ moments! I heard that he was Ootori Kyouya’s Korean dubber! No wonder! Also, it’s an A+ that Zen was overprotective of MC! Again, loved his route! I knew after I finished that I’ll be running this route again (and again!)


2. Zen (Hyun Ryu) ∙ 류 현 (the perfect boyfriend) It took me three tries just to get his route! Three out of three!!! But the wait was worth it! He was sweetest once you passed all the narcissism & his personal issues! He’s my knight in shining armor~ He’s good looking that’s a fact but when I got his route I understand so much more! Since he was the last route I played I only got to know him through his flirting in other routes! But once I was actually in his, oh man swoon~ Swoon I tell you~ He’s so gentle, protective—even though he was trying to restraint the “beast” in him, he still cared for MC’s welfare as his utmost priority! And unlike Jumin, he did send me/her home afterwards. And him blushing in front of you~ So so cute! Seriously, I loved his route because he was so caring despite all the issues he had faced!


3. 707 (Choi Saeyoung / Choi Luciel) ∙ 류 현 (my lover troll). I know, I know, how dare me rank him third when he is in the real “end game.” See I was excited because he was so playful and nice to me! I always ended up hopping along with his trolling in other routes BUT his issues were deep! I was OK with it! I’m prepared to support him! But it kinda hurt me that he kept pushing me away! For two days he was sidelining me, and ignoring me! I was sad when I called him and he was mad & told me off! (so I called Zen & Jumin so *bleh*). But the confession was as if it was taken out of a Korean drama! Gah~ I called 707 during Jumin’s route & he was crying telling me I didn’t care about him anymore (never babe!) but then this! But afterwards he became the sweet, super playful and now romantic guy (he can be as sexy AF like Jumin, I kid you not!)! I played him third and I rec’d that you don’t follow my lead bcos there tons of spoilers in his route! Finishing his route allows you to see the secret endings! You’ll get to know more about the other characters like Unknown, V and Rika (and Vanderwood LOL~ like this funny guy!!!)

4. Kim Yoosung ∙ 김유성 (my first boyfriend). He was my very first route (with the actual intention of getting Zen but failed). I admit I kinda, slightly disappointed at first because I thought he was too young for my taste, but turned out I still had fun! I was swinging from this noona stopping him from playing too much to her caring girlfriend! I actually wanted him to unleash his yandere side (on day 5 he was being possessive and he was not even aware of it. He was jealous of Zen ehmerged!). But I liked his route, his calls can be a little too saccharine (ok cringe, lol) but he was so sincerely sweet that I still can’t stop swooning~ He was the only one who dared to kiss MC in front of many people (whereas the three did it privately!)


Kang Jaehee ∙ 강제희 (my new best friend!). I gave her the last and not because she’s a girl but because there’s not much to her route that excites me! But one thing for sure I loved the good ending—when Jumin whisked me away to talk about his problem with V, yay~ if there was an option to talk to him privately I’ll surely pick that one!) that was so interesting! I did like supporting her but you already know that I loved Jumin and Zen so them being untouchables by virtue of being connected with Jaehee (Jumin as her boss, & Zen her idol) proved to be harder to me LOL. I only got to flirt with 707 (thankfully!) and Yoosung (this kid, I loved making him blush!). But there were funny moments happened in her route that I did enjoy too! (Haha, Jumin carnapping and busting 707’s baby car! T^T)


Have you heard of Mystic Messenger ? Do you play otome games? What’s your favorite route/characters! What’s the best thing you’ve experienced while playing #mysme?!