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Author: Chloe Neill Series: (Dark Elite #3) Published: January 3rd...

Author: Chloe Neill
Series: (Dark Elite #3)
Published: January 3rd 2012 by NAL Trade

Nothing much happened. And not enough Sebastian.

The pacing was slower, while I find the events in this book not entirely meaningless but I hope it was a little elating than the previous book. It wasn’t exactly filler-ish, because it somehow left readers thinking of the real nature of the two opposing groups. I liked that it wanted us to think. That it’s not purely black and white. Not just because they’re Adepts they’re automatically the good guys, same goes to the Reapers, while they take sustenance from people, we—I, still don’t know the group’s main objective. Wasn’t for selfish reason alone? They don’t want to give up their powers? Or there’s a bigger, and deeper meaning behind their actions? I would love to find out. So hopefully, I can get some answers on the next book.

This is for the whiny, fangirl me. There’s not enough page-time for my dearest Sebastian. The way I see it, his role is starting to extend a little. But the selfish little me is still not contended. I’m hoping he’ll be given a much larger role. I’m starting to get bored with Jason (I don’t like him to begin with). He has little to no personality, and his character remained the same. He didn’t grow. He was overall flat. I wish that it was Sebastian who saved Lily instead of Jason. But I understand that he’s the boyfriend (maybe he’s the ex at that time. And now they’re back together. Booooo!) So that is his job. But don’t they see how significantly impressive Sebastian is? Or am I the only who notice it? Because I swear when Sebastian just touched her chin (yep, that short and really small gesture), sparks fly. I so wanted them together. Aside from oozing chemistry (hopefully, I’m not the only one who is aware of it) they kinda alike. And they both have firespell.

I enjoyed this book. Perhaps, better than Hexbound. And yes, I admit Sebastian was one of the main reasons why I liked it better than the previous one. But not only that, I’m starting to see the book’s course. It is starting to work on things particularly regarding the adepts and reapers. I’m so invested with the characters that I will still continue reading the series. I just wish for more kick-ass scenes like the ones in Firespell. And more development between the two sides. Charmfall is definitely not a disappointment but could have been better.

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