When it comes to shipping I’m the girl to ask! OK, not really because I tend to be very erratic when it comes to my OTPs. Although certain tropes helped mold the ‘one’ I must say that when the pairing hit me so hard, it just hit me so hard—solid heart-racing feels that is!

Do I need to emphasize how notorious shipper I am? I think I have written tons of spazzing about my woes and foes as one.  Also I have confessed before of my tendency to root the second lead guy. It is a tough luck whenever this happen. I mostly likely to cheer boy #2 over boy #1 though I’m happy to say that there are already plenty of cases I won this war. LOL But what made me ship them? What make me say that ‘ah, yes this is it! These two are destined by love muses (according to my will) and must end up together! I shall ship to the very end!” –yes, that! What will make me say that?!

I might sound like superficial shipper because I describe my ships in caps lock, random spazzing and heart emojis as far as twitter limit allows me to; but I don’t fall so easily, mind you!  If I’m serious I can write thousand words worth of ship manifesto if I deem it important so I can explain why these two are meant together and what make me like them or support them! Yes, I’m serious! I can be like this if put my mind in to it! That’s how huge a fanatic I am. I think it still boils down to writing. I said before that romantic moments though swoon worthy aren’t enough for me to make ‘kilig!’ It has to have good romantic development. That the two characters have great dynamic, and that story really flesh out as individuals and as a couple! Yes, I set the bar high!

When my OTPs are concern, I rarely like only half of the pairing. I always like them both! I like them as individual characters and not just their lovely moments. It’s why I seldom ship at the get-go. There must some development there that made think of the possibilities! In a way I don’t choose the pair I ship, it’s the story that push it for me because the way it presents it makes sense—sensible to ship it!  Even if they fall to certain tropes that I do like, if story or development isn’t showing that, then nope you won’t see me shipping them! It has to make sense! They need to have a development!

I haven’t had a crack ship or simply a ship that are just aesthetically romantic. Development is still the key here. But on the plus side, my criteria isn’t high it just, it needs to make it believable. It doesn’t need to be overly romantic, or tragic, or dramatic. Like I said plenty of times in this post it has to make sense! It has to be naturally unfolding simultaneously with the plot! Yep, that is it! I guess that’s the most important criteria!