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Title: Clarity Author: Kim Harrington Series: (Clarity #1) Pages: 242...

Title: Clarity
Author: Kim Harrington
Series: (Clarity #1)
Pages: 242

When Sarah said it’s like Deadly Little Secret, and with that I’m a little hesitant to try it. Yes, I do like the book, the first book that is, from the there it gradually roll down the hill and become repetitive and very boring book. So you can’t blame if I’m a bit apprehensive.

So she is right, it’s like the Touch series but definitely, hands down have a better execution and writing than to the book it was compared. I think the reason she compared it to Touch is because of psychometry. But other than that, this is better than Deadly Little Secret.

Clarity and her family run a psychic gig for tourist when a murder occurred in their peaceful town. She was asked for unofficial help with the case, by using her psychometry ability (she can see things from the past when she touch things, though this ability inconsistent). Along with a new guy, a son of detective from New York, Gabriel, they try to solve the murder case. Another reason why she was eager to help is that her brother is potentially the biggest suspect of the murder, since he had a one night stand with the victim. Added to her impending dilemma is that Gabriel didn’t believe with psychic, due to personal reason. Also, she is working with her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her. But as she unravels the mystery, she found out that not all people around her can be trusted.

I like Clarity; she has spunk, love the side comment, and definitely not another damsel in distress. For someone who thought she isn’t pretty (not ba-boom, voluptuous type, nah, that’s not what I meant) there are a lot of guys who show interest on her (or maybe I’m just reading too much on it). There’s Justin, the ex-boyfriend. For someone who is an “ex” I kinda like him. Yes, he cheated on her, and of course we shouldn’t blame alcohol or the willing girl because in the end, he still have a say to what happened and he could stop himself but instead, and as we all know he gave in. But still —and I don’t why — I find it forgivable and besides he is faithful until that unfaithful day happened. But he deserves a second chance, and he is doing everything to win her back — at least as her friend. And that means something, right?

Gabriel, came as this mysterious, oozing with testosterone confidence, yummy delicacy. But as the story progress that first impression went down the drain. He kinda lost it. I feel pity on him losing her younger sister, her family and all that, but, just no. I like him but not in that level, you know, Tod level (Soul Screamers). Too bad, he already has a very great groundwork, his backstory and his personality just didn’t match to it.

I also like her brother Perry, he reminded me of Max from 13 to Life. And what the — her mother didn’t give him a chance, why name your son Periwinkle?! That’s bad in every angle. Feel sorry for him. I also like Nate, the older brother’s bestfriend. I like him for Clarity, but just in case, he is not part of the love equation, then I’m betting my chips to Justin. Like I said Gabriel lost the contest in the middle part already. But I’m not about to lose hope, if I see things in correct perspective, I think, he might like her. Not to mention Stephen like her too, too bad though. That’s four guys, wow, you girl rock it! But let’s not make it a harem, I don’t like harem.

The story is great, it feels Detective Conan, though I’m hoping whatever psyched this book has, won’t repeat in the second book. I see potential with Clarity. And for the love of me, please avoid redundancy, like Touch series had — it’s so painful to read. It’ll be my fave series if it continues what is started — good stuff.

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