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Title: Cold Kiss Author: Amy Garvey Published: September 20th 2011...

Title: Cold Kiss
Author: Amy Garvey
Published: September 20th 2011 by HarperTeen

Initially, the book reminded me of Banished (by Sophie Littlefield) but in that book it was the heroine’s sister that brought her dead lover back to life. Also it was just one part of the story; in this book’s case, it was its main plot. Wren reanimated her boyfriend, but there’s a huge consequences of what she did. Even if she did it for love.

It was insanely short (which wasn’t exactly bad. I’m quite relieved to be perfectly honest). And after I finished it, I felt nothing. As in empty. Like I didn’t read anything. Not that the book was bad, I do agree with some reviewers that the writing was actually pretty good. But I felt so hollowed. And I don’t know why I was this unemotional when in fact the book emphasized Wren’s action was a result of strong emotion—love. I was so detached; I didn’t have any, as in completely no emotional connection with any of thr characters, nor the story. And it rarely happens to me.

I’m also confused with the events happened in this book. There were sort of gaps between one event to another. And for the life of me, I could not connect them. That’s probably one of the reasons why I didn’t enjoy this book. More so, I also have few unanswered questions regarding her necromantic ability. But I wasn’t really curious to find it anyway, as I said earlier I’m emotionless, I feel so numb. I just went on and on, and on, and on until I reached the last page. And you don’t know how thankful I was to regain the emotions I suddenly lost when I read this book.

Come to think of it, the story lacks something that, forgive me, I couldn’t identify which it was. Maybe this is one of those books that don’t appeal to me regardless. But in all fairness to me, I pushed and pushed through just to finish it. The book lost me halfway already. I was just curious as to how Wren will face the consequences of what she did. I mean, I know why she did it, she suffers from longing, especially that person she loved died and she didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. While love is enough for others, for me Wren’s motivations wasn’t convincing enough. Then again love will make you do foolish things—or so they say.

Was it a bad read? Not exactly. But let me tell you this, I’d rather hate the book because at least I know I was caught up with story that it brought something out of me. Even if it was hate. But this one…just nothing. I still rated it 2 stars because of the cover and…well the writing. I hope there’s no sequel, but if it does I might opt not to read. Sorry, probably not really my cup of tea.

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