I’m struggling. I’m trying. This is my perpetual state right now.

How do I start reading books again? How can I remove myself from this huge reading slump? Aaah, I’m so frustrated because I haven’t felt this. Ever. Promise.

Before when I said I’m in a reading slump it meant that books that I read successively didn’t impress me. But I still read. I always read. That was what I called slump before. But now, I have zero motivation to read a book. I think my e-readers have been lonely because this is probably the longest time I didn’t use it. I only took a glance, frowned, then moved on. Not that I don’t have any desire to read but I just don’t feel like reading books now. Aside from I’m admittedly distracted lately (you probably know what I mean already).

Even though I have these awesome titles that I’ve been wanting to read before this slump happened (Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld, The Jewel by Amy Ewing and Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch), even received print ARCs from a publisher, annoying bad timing, I just couldn’t read them. I haven’t tried maybe because I’m not in the mood. I do not want it to interfere my judgment. I feel it’s unfair to review it halfheartedly. Lately, I’m questioning myself if there’s something wrong with this whole thing. How can I excavate myself in this deep, deep hole I put myself into?

It’s embarrassing to know that I have yet to read a book for the longest time. Not a page, a paragraph, a sentence…not even a single word. It’s frustrates me because I do still love to blog. And I do love reading reviews and checking out books news and book blogs. Is not that is gone. But without reading I couldn’t blog. Because for someone reason they go hand in hand.

It’s not that I’m reading. I do read…just manga though. But I want to read books again. Perhaps, I need to organize my schedule? It might help me to prioritize. Now, that I almost caught up with the series I follow, I think I am beginning to reconsider. But where do I start? How can I begin again?

Have you ever felt this way? Not be able to read because you are in a dreadful book slump in the history of book slumps? What did you do? Please share it with me.

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