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Author:  Louise Rozett Series: (Confessions #1) Expected publication: August 28th...

Author:  Louise Rozett
Series: (Confessions #1)
Expected publication: August 28th 2012
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Categories: Contemporary, Realistic Fiction

I received an eARC  from Harlequin Teen via Netgalley. Thank you.

So Rose our MC is the angry girl. And in her defense she has a lot on her back and I kind of think she has the right to be one. Her dad was offered a high paying job, but after just four months staying in Iraq, he got into an accident. The truck he was riding at that time was hit by a bomb, and it was fatal. Then her mom who should by her side in this crucial times (Rose’s a teenager, fourteen at that!) was according to her wasn’t “available” ever since her dad died. And her brother was away for college. But her family is not her only concern here: her friends, boys (sex), school, and some other issues in between. That’s lot to deal for girl like her.

I was quite surprised (shocked actually) that the heroine of the book was just fourteen. I didn’t expect her to be quite young. I don’t have anything against her age, I’m little uncomfortable (because I’m not used to, except for coming of age books for boys) because what I dislike the most (aside from insta-love) is whiny teenagers. Turned out she was not that annoying (at least not all the times, though she does have moments). Like I said she has the right to be mad. More importantly she’s starting on this point of her life where she needed guidance. Ironically her mom who’s a shrink and surprise, surprise—specializes in ‘adolescent’ (like her daughter) was not present to help her out. If she has questions she seeks the answers on her books, if and only she feels like doing it. Her brother, Peter, was strange case for me (who happens to share the same name as my brother, LOL, talk about that!) *coughs* anyway, sometimes he acted like this very caring brother with his advice to Rose. Like the time when her mom wasn’t available when the time for the ‘talk’ has arrived. He actually did the part although he was quite blunt about it. But he also wanted her to act like a normal teenager too. He’s caring and inconsiderate at the same time. Actually their dynamic was something I find really surprising.

Her friends could be crazy. Oh, wait they were crazy. Sometimes it so hard to decide whether go with the flow and follow your gut instincts in these impossible situations her friends got into. No wonder kids succumb to peer pressure. I’m super thankful that my high school experience was nice (different culture I supposed). I’m already used to on how it typically portrays the high school setting (the high school food chain and the whatnots), but man, these kids were mean.

Now here’s the obligatory romance: Jamie. He’s cool and nice, but sometimes you don’t know whether he’s just being friendly (too friendly) or there something more. He was attentive to her then he found out from her brother that he told him he’s gonna look after her. But then he was kissing her. But if his attitude was not enough complication then there this girl Regina who warned her that she’ll make her life a living hell if she comes near Jamie. My goodness, the girl has a lot going on.

I find the start a little so-so. And I almost convince myself that I couldn’t finish it (and I hate DNFing books) but once things started to get a little interesting I managed to work up my interest and breeze through it until I hit the final page. Overall, it was kinda nice (nice but angsty) and unexpected in some ways.

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