Do you even consider the rereading value of a book?

Do you even consider the re-reading value of a book?

When I give ratings I rarely consider the re-reading value of the book. I weigh a lot of things, but maybe half of the reason (or perhaps more than that) is always about its enjoyability. Did I enjoy the book? Did I have fun reading it? Were the characters relatable/enjoyable? You know, those usual stuff. But I never thought of adding the re-reading value to my factors when it comes to assessing (at least deliberately). In fact, I have books that I gave high ratings, yet never had touched those books again. 😥

So when this realization sunk in, it truly bothered me. I’ve always thought that if I gave high ratings it means I have chances of reading it again. I am a notorious re-reader, be it manga or books. I love relishing my favorite stories again and again. But it turns out this always isn’t the case. Like for example, I loved Cinder by Marissa Meyer. It was enjoyable and even thought was really genius. But I have zero inkling of picking it up again. I still remember the story (which was quite surprising since I read it as an ARC few months from publication date) but even though I had positive opinions about it and can attest how great a story it was, I would not read it again. Why? I don’t know, but maybe there are just books that it’s not worth revisiting even if I thought it was a great book. “Once is enough” sort of books, me thinks.

It is not the only thing that puzzles me though. If there are amazing books that I don’t find myself re-reading; there are also mediocre books that made me reread them again. No, really, it’s true. This is the case of Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. I didn’t love it. I can enumerate the flaws of the books. The characters, especially the female MC frustrated me to hell and back and yet I have reread it. Am I just in denial that maybe I actually liked it? No, no, no—I’m sure I didn’t like it (although I didn’t hate either).

I have very small space in our house to fill in books so I make sure that only favorites or I know will reread again deserve to be displayed. But it never dawned on me how big re-reading value of a book until now. I mean, it does when I’m purchasing copies, I guess, (so thank goodness for digital ARCs) but in the ratings, maybe sometimes it occurs to me, but like I mentioned earlier not a big thing to consider (‘til now).

If I think the re-reading value is somewhat high (re-reading it has higher chance), then maybe I should rate it a tad higher. What do you think?

Now, your turn! Do you even consider the re-reading value of a book? Do you have books that you think was great but think not worth re-reading? How about those run-of-the-mill types yet you re-read? Care to share it with me. 😆