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Yeah, not totally staying away from the topic that is...

Yeah, not totally staying away from the topic that is my mental state in this health crisis. But more than ever, the need to escape reality is more intense. Of course, I do check the news because it’s imperative to know what really stats are but y’all know that it could be very, very overwhelming and this can trigger different reaction—some are not good all in all. So, one thing still remains consistent even though our lives have changed drastically in the span of weeks/months! And that for me, my ever-loving hobby—reading!

I think I’ve hinted before what I do to function normal while we’re in this situation. The ever-reliable form of escapism is always reading! I think I read and read as much as I can. Read new ones, tackling my TBR like I mean it, re-reading old faves which undeniably therapeutic because predictable seems like a comfort nowadays—whatever I’m reading now, whatever that takes my mind off is something that keep my mental being at peace momentarily.

I think no one is gonna trip you to guilt when you decide to keep your mind off of things; right now, reading news is kinda depressing. My anxiety just can’t handle all of this stuff and all of them at once. So, reading all my bunch of isekai (historical fantasy) girls or just my typical favorite shoujo/josei manga feels; it is truly is such an ease. Also reading reminds me of normal—of things like before. Reading before I sleep, or after work. These is my normal routine, my old normal before all these things changed our lives!

We have different ways to cope while doing our part (while trying to survive) to prevent it from worsening. Even though there’s so many things to do, so little time and money to spare, we need not to forget that our mental health is in need of a break too—and one of those things for me is reading.