Title: Crave
Author: Melinda Metz, Laura J. Burns
Series: (Crave #1)
Published: September 21st 2010 by Simon & Schuster

I was swayed by the promise of the summary that there’ll be loss, fangs, blood, and lust. Well, there were that, but it wasn’t exactly what I anticipated. I was intrigued by premise of the story. But it’s another case of the-summary-is-better-than-actual-story. I think the story was better in my head than it really was. Which is a shame considering I was looking forward to it, and I did squish it to my reading schedule only to get disappointed in the end. Well, life is that.

I really hate the main character, Shay (this is the second Shay that I hate). I did feel sympathetic to her, being ill and all that. So once she was starting to get better (thanks to the male lead guy, Gabriel’s blood, who is btw a vampire) she wanted to do things she been dying (no pun intended) to do. But I don’t know, for the love me, why she decided to act like a brat. Oh yes, because it is how teenagers are *cringe* No Shay, just no. In a shrink’s perspective, people who survive a terminal illness rather spent their time in more productive things, because most people think they had given second chance, second life. Why ruin it, huh? That’s my question. I was really annoyed, infuriated when the moment she feels better she drank a beer, make out with her bestfriend’s boyfriend (even though she is open quote “bestfriend,” who she said hardly knew her) and swam a river (at night!!). I really don’t get it. I don’t think because she has been bed ridden almost all of her life does not give her the license to act such… I don’t even know what term to use. Sigh. I really don’t like her, as much I wanted to see positive thing about her, I just couldn’t see it. Maybe being a rebel (or a brat) made her feel alive. But this in my personal opinion is something I completely disapproved.

I was really glad when the part two came and it switches to Gabriel’s POV. I don’t like Gabriel as much as I hoped for. But he is definitely better than the female lead. But like Shay, I don’t understand him at all. So he wanted revenge because he was kidnapped and treated like cow (blood producing creature). I do get that, but he was very inconsistent. From trusting Shay, to tying her and made her his hostage, then back to being “friends” again (that’s a subjective term). I did try to understand the move of the story rationally. But I can’t. I can’t help furrowing my brows a lot because I don’t like how the story is going.

I’m just speaking about the main characters; don’t get me start with the romance part. It was a complete, utter mess. Maybe they’re perfect for each other. But saving each other, spending some time in a motel and peeking on the guy’s past doesn’t ring romance bells to me. I mean, that’s too fast, and too shallow. It’s not even a week from what I can tell and they already slept together. And worst they think they were in love. Whoa, stop right there. Because I cannot take this “love” they speak of, anymore. (I mean if Gabriel didn’t find out that she was half vampire he would have probably ignore whatever “feelings” he has for her).

As for the vampire lore used in the book, I guess it embraced the clichéd ones. At least for me, sparkling vampires though not everyone’s favorite is more unique. Vampires here are immortal too, living in caves (caves, people, caves!) and burned (killed) by sunlight. Now that’s too passé.

Because I’m crazy too, I might read the second book, because I’m curious how it’ll play out, plus I just too damn stubborn for my own good. *shots herself*