Title: Crave
Author: Melissa Darnell
Series: (The Clann #1)
Expected publication: October 18th 2011 by Harlequin Teen

I received an eARC from Harlequin Teen via Netgalley. Thank you.

It’s my second time to read a book that the heroine is a hybrid sort of specie (vampire + witch to be exact), in a Romeo and Juliet-esque love affair. And to my delight, I ended up liking this book. I’m not gonna dwell too much on the “original” aspect (because definitely it wasn’t—it’s a been-here-done-that case) but there’s something really… hmm, charming about this book, that readers, especially pnr junkies would like.

Savannah Colbert is a half witch and half vampire, and this was unheard of. She was teased because of her peculiarity but after an illness, everything changed—physically. She’s now beautiful, boys gawked her way and just looking straight in their ways will fall under a love spell. But not Tristan Coleman, her eyes doesn’t affect him and he’s always there to help her. But she shouldn’t fall for him, not after what her father told her… that she’s potentially dangerous to him.

I loved that this book has two POV. And I particularly liked Tristan’s, he’s just a fun narrator. I’m glad he’s not just this gorgeous guy with no substance. He actually has a personality. And it’s an absolute joy reading his internal monologues (and his side of the story). Although I must say, there were times he acted like Sav’s stalker (got you there Tristan!). Savannah was nice too. She doesn’t have that much impact on me, but she does have a backbone, unlike other heroines who are too clingy and very dependent to their respective male counterpart. I liked that she decides on her own—and that for me marks a good heroine in the making. You’ll never know I might like her in the sequel more than I did here. She does have a time to grow, and I’ll give her that.

On the romance part, no complaints here. Thank goodness it’s not part of the “insta-love” bandwagon because they actually knew each other since they were kids. So they have a history together, although not really enough for me, but suffice to make their relationship a bit more realistic. And I really liked the effort Tristan did to get closer to Sav.

My only problem was the world or the lore used in this book. So there’s a powerful witch group called the Clann and there’s vampire council where Sav’s father is a part of. And they’re mortal enemies? Her father is a vampire-demon-incubus who sucks energy through a kiss, and like a normal vampire (if vamps are actually normal) who drinks blood. And they particularly have potent bloodlust on Clann’s member. Ok, I just want to keep my facts straight—my point is, I do get the “main idea” but the information department is seriously lacking some explanation. I know this is the first book hence the withholding of information but I felt like a bit underwhelmed because of it. But that’s ok (I’m just a bit impatient) I can wait.

I read the sneak peek and I sensed a good follow up in the works. I’m raising the bar a little bit since I really enjoyed this one. So I do hope I won’t end up disappointed.

PS. Lovely, lovely cover. I always like HQ Teens book covers they’re so pretty, very enticing!