News / In which Mitchii is quite happy that she really did stick to her schedule!

Super improvement compared to last month—that’s how I described April. Summer here & you know what it means? Heat, extremely & unbearable heat! How can we survive with heat index reaching to 41 degrees? We just do!!! Haha xD Temperature aside, I think I was pretty productive this month. I’ve posted all content I prepared for this month. My blog’s even donning a new look: it’s not too cold and blackish anymore~

April in a Nutshell!


I was delayed by a week because I was too focused on coding my new theme. Yep, another theme has bitten the dust again! I was starting to dislike my old theme. I tweaked it many times (plus another reason that I’d rather not say). kao_mad I wanted a clean but jolly look so ta-da new style! Peach and green!!! xD Love the color combination. I think this is really me; fun & vibrant look!

I added new category I called regulars. It’s pretty self-explanatory. These are posts that will regularly appear on either seasonal or monthly basis! This will include: what’s on my reading list? Blogger Sessions (in which I will talk about my blogging adventures). As my first salvo I talked about blogging at nights & why I preferred to do that. Also part of the regular category is My First Impression (of anime I’m watching per season). For Spring 2016, my list was pretty OK-ish. Curious? Read more about it here.

Apart from that I also shared thoughts about profession of characters in anime & manga; a somewhat homage. I also gave my thoughts on bookworms & why they started reading. And lastly, I talked about tearjerkers! kao_blush

See? Productive, productive. I’m happy! kao_wink

Other fandoms, passion, RL & whatnots:

  • I’ve already shared you my thoughts on anime I’m watching but manga-wise I did some reading too. It’s not too shoujo concentrated this time. I have two seinen series, one shounen, and couple of josei and shoujo series. I pretty much just done reading manga during my downtime! So yeah I’m happy!
  • I did some impulsive booking again—though not sure if it’ll push through, haha (it’s all in the hands of my sister). For now it’s a secret! kao_cool
  • I did some writing of new posts. I’m getting the hang of it, scheduling I mean. The reason why I pushed myself to redo my design was to reorganize stuff (something that old design didn’t represent anymore). So happy that things are transitioning smoothly! Hooray for organized Mitchii!
  • Little sister’s birthday! It’s been a while since my family went out (together with my brother who already has a family of his own!). Fun, weird times!

I look forward to—!

  • I don’t excitedly looking forward to it, in fact I’m quite anxious about it to be honest. kao_blank But it’s national elections here in PH. Second time to vote…and like 2010 I’m not sure who to vote (but knew who I will not!). PH politics is filthy. But whoever will win, I hope it’s “real” new beginning.
  • Half of summer vacation! I have so much stuff to do this coming May. Need to keep up with this momentum! Feel really blessed! <3 (Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. – 1 Thessalonians 5:18) kao_big_grin

So that’s what had rolled down this April so now I turn over to you beautiful people: How was April?! Fun? Exciting? Whatever that is, share it with me!!!~ heart_bounce


4 Responses to It was a creative & enthusiastic April y’all!!!

  1. Kezia Liemen says:

    National elections are always nerve-wracking. Two years ago we had two presidential candidates and to be honest I was totally leaning toward one competitor. It’s a shame that even though he won, I didn’t see any particular changes that I initially thought he would bring. Finger crossed things will be better for the rest of his period… though you can say that I’m skeptical. Make your choice wisely, Mitchii xD My prayer goes to PH’s election!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      The sad part of it I don’t know who to vote because none of them speaks to me. Their platforms are weak, they couldn’t convince me to vote for them. May our prayers for our countries’ leaders reach them & do what they supposed to do: serve the nation. 😀 Thank you!


    I love your new design (even though I thought your old one was really classy with all the black and animations) and I love how you’ve chosen peach and mint (right on trend!)

    Happy birthday to your sister! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Thanks! I love the new colors. I did like because I like minimalism but I was craving for light colors so I decided to whip out a new design. Glad you liked it. <333

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