Title: Cross My Heart (ebook)
Author: Katie Klein

I just randomly picked this book. And really glad I read it. At first, the story kinda reminds me of Perfect Chemistry, a chick lit I really, really like. You know a boy from the wrong side of the town, and a good girl, an Ivy League material. Bad boy + good girl story. But this is where the similarities end. It was completely different from PC, which I’m really thankful for. I really like the story.

Jaden is a good student, daughter, friend and a girlfriend. She’s up for honors; she’s doing charity works, advance classes and other things that might boost her portfolio, because her ultimate dream is to attend Harvard. She has a nice safe life until she was paired with Parker Whalen for an English project. At first, she thought she is the unluckiest person in the world to be partnered with a boy that has loads of trouble of his sleeves. But when they starting working on their project, she found out that there’s more than what meets the eye. He’s a deep person, and the troubles are inevitable part of his life. But how he faces it, and his kinds words towards her made it hard not to fall for him.

The beginning is like Perfect Chemistry, being partner to the last person you wanted to be with. But this time it’s for English class. Somehow it also reminds me a little bit of Nevermore since this is also how the two main characters got together. And also, just like Alex (Perfect Chemistry) and Varen (Nevermore), Parker is a smart, deep person behind the bad boy mask. Another misunderstood type; I’m-smart-but-I-have-complicated-life-thus-bad-boy-image. I find it cliché actually, it’s been done before (hence the books I mentioned). I guess, to justify the image (and for character development) there have to be something behind it, which it does. But what’s good about this book is that, Parker is not just all that. I was taken by surprise with the twist on his character. It was kind of out of the blue, you wouldn’t expect it unless you read the spoilers. Which I’m trying hard not to, so in case someone read this post, I wouldn’t ruin a good storyline. But that move, I think it was very clever of the author; I didn’t expect it to happen. So I think it kinda raise the level of satisfaction a bit higher. I was about to give it 3 or 3 and half but after how the story ends, I don’t think that’s going to be enough. I was really impressed, and really was entertained. Yeah, it was good.

The romance part is also nice. There are parts that are swoon worthy but what gets to me more is how, after the big reveal (trying to avoid spoilers people) they still they managed to be together. I know it’s a happily ever after type, but I think you just wanted to end it that way as well after everything. The ‘notebook and the tree moment’ was really romantic, cheesy, but romantic. Well, for me it is. What I like more is that, in most ya chick lit, it dwell too much how they guys look or what this guy can do the girl which is most of the time, if not, superficial. You know the reason that they fell in love with each other wasn’t because they were urge by their hormones or because it feels great to be with a bad boy, the brooding types. No, it isn’t that shallow. For most part, I really like their conversation. It was their dialogues that caught me intact. I think that’s one of the good aspect of this book. The way the author handled the romance was really nice.

I really can relate to Jaden’s character. Sometimes I felt just like her, on guard. Afraid of failures and unfulfilled expectations. So I was really engrossed on her story. Life is full of surprises; nothing can be predicted or planned… perfectly. The ending was bit cliché, but I really don’t mind. I don’t think there’s a perfect way to end it than that way it was! So yes, I like it! Two thumbs up, or in this case four stars!