You know me I love me some anime to watch. When I met my high school classmate before and she saw me buying manga, she was like “you’re still into it?”Oh yes I am,” with sheer confidence I told her that. I don’t think being an otaku or anime/manga fan is just a phase to me.

Of course the anime scene changes from let say 10 years ago. I think I like the trends nowadays. Before long running anime is the beef. Now studios produced them by season which I think is better because the quality is up par and they adapting it faithfully to their original material. Plus it gives way to other manga series to get pick up and have an anime adaptation as well. And with that, I’m now segueing to my main topic which is fave manga series that need anime. I love manga! I think I loved it better than before which I think was influenced by me being a bookworm too. But nothing beats to see them in color, moving, with sounds—and all the nine yards! Here are some of the manga I really, really loved that need their anime counterparts to be been green-lit soon.

beyBallroom e Youkoso – my dad used to love the movie Shall We Dance (Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez). I’ve found that it was adapted from a Japanese novel. No wonder I was totally captured as well. As the title suggests (even without me translating it) Ballroom e Youkoso is about competitive dancing. Since this is categorized as sports rather than slice of life, the dance aspect is really thorough, engaging and mesmerizing. You will feel great respect towards dancing as it showcases how amazing competitive dancing is. As much as I loved the manga it would be awesome to see them moving, hearing the music and just seeing how everyone gracefully grooves. It would be a fest to the eye for sure!

Kono Oto Tomare!I’ve already written my rec post about it but  sadly no news about being an anime. But I’m not one to lose hope! I need to see Chika and the gang play music together! (I hope Ono Yuki reprise the role of Chika, he’s perfect for the role!)

cgx kotSong of the Long March (Change Ge Xing) – I’m not sure if this even possible being this series is originally a Chinese graphic novel. Although it is also being published by Shueshia through their seinen magazine Ultra Jump, I’m still hoping that it might have a chance to get an anime in the near future. The art of this manga is beautiful. The MC hands down intelligent and strong—not violent strong but she does know how to wield a sword ever so skillfully. It also has politics and history intertwined amazingly which I think were based on real events (?). So yes, I nominate for an anime for this series soon, oh please!

wgmdkdad Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Kiss Him not Me) – Honestly after Ouran High School Club I have yet to find a decent reverse harem series. All I saw are from otome game (which I was never a big fan of it) and it lacks concrete plot to me. But here comes Watashi ga Motete Dousunda to the rescue. One, it’s hilarious, two hilarious, and three it’s hilarious! I can’t remember how many times I laughed reading this series. It would be so awesome to watch it. It definitely needs an anime soon!

Koi Dano Ai DanoI wrote this rec post too and perhaps I might’ve gushed how much I love this series enough so hells yeah this needs anime because to see Tsubaki and Yabuki in 2D color is just completely amazing!

And there you have it, well I’m so glad reLIFE will have an anime this year so I didn’t include it in my list! But how about you? Are you a manga reader like me? Are there particular titles you would love to get adapted? Tell me about it!