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If you didn’t know…yet, I’m a huge fan of Amano...


If you didn’t know…yet, I’m a huge fan of Amano Akira’s Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Like massively obsess with the series when it was still running. It’s my all-time favorite series. I heard that she did the character design for this series. I was quite surprised when I decided to look around and saw the characters. It is indeed made by her. The characters particularly the main ones were heavily resembled her older & debut work. Not to say I’m complaining. Kougami is basically Yamamoto and fucking Hibari Kyoya combined. Two of my favorite guys in one body as if they did some Dragon Ball-esque fusion? What’s really there to complain?

Initial reaction? Dammit! The opening song was so confusingly addicting. There was something about it that really hunting that I can’t stop playing it in my head and I just heard it once. It’s in my playlist right now and man, addicting. It was so addicting.

But let’s back to the idea of this utopia series. I liked how everything was placed in here. The characters were so easy to like. My favorite was Ginoza, for me he was more related and raw than the cunning Kougami. I do like him, don’t twist my words but Ginoza is just too vulnerable to me. And then ending cemented, if not intensified my fondness over his character. I didn’t read any spoilers so I was really shocked to find out who was his dad. And I was sad about what happened but I do like how he accepted it. And Gino-kun, you look hotter without the glasses…just saying.

The idea of Sibel System was the one that really capture me. I liked how the system was not deceitful of its purpose. Yes, it has a huge flaw, freaking huge, if I say so, but it got me thinking that whether how they implemented it and how the structure was, it was still in fact, a functioning system. A fact that I didn’t get to read in the utopia/dytopia books I read. There’s a book, about test for would-be criminals, kinda like this one but it turned out those that were turned in (subjected to become criminals), weren’t really what they were labeled for. I found that deceitful as a reader. I don’t agree with Sibel System personally but I understand the purpose and it was, as I said is functioning to what it was supposed to do and not merely masking some government conspiracy (although there is a conspiracy, more what really runs the program).

I’m really excited to watch the second season. It left many questions and the only way to find out is to watch it. Right, guys?

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