Title: Dark Heart Forever
Author: Lee Monroe
Series: (Dark Heart Forever #1)
Pages: 304

There are two things I keep in my mind when selecting a book to read. One, the cover and second, the summary. I do check reviews but it doesn’t weigh that much to my decision. And besides, I’m sometimes (often somehow) on the other side, books with high appraisal doesn’t necessarily will be enjoyable to me.

Well, I did say sometimes. Ok, there are times that I should listen to majority when people said it’s not good, it’s really not. Look at Bumped, most I saw are three stars, and they said they are pretty generous enough. Me, I gave it 1.5, because it was painful thing to read. Now getting to the topic (I know I can be unnecessarily wordy sometimes), this book is one of those who aren’t exactly spectacular among the masses (the readers). But I was really captivated by the cover… and the summary. I just need to try it, at least, before I make a judgment.

Jane is having a dream of a guy who said her destiny. But it seems the dreams aren’t exactly just a dream, because her family said she’s been sleepwalking. And she often have bruises when she wakes up. You don’t get hurt when you’re just dreaming. Until one day, when this guy introduced himself. He is Luca, and he isn’t just an ordinary guy. He isn’t even a mortal… he is a werewolf. And he is residing in world called Nessilum, where werewolves, witches and vampires, govern by angels are all living. With inevitable circumstances, they decided that whatever they felt for each other can’t not happen – because it’s impossible for anything to happen between them.

Also, she feels a strong attraction with a new guy she met, Evan. He is nice, sweet and like her for who she is. And unlike Luca, she can be with Evan. They are both mortals… or so she thought he is…

I have terrible weakness with lovely covers. Sadly, one of the few good things about this book it’s undeniable gorgeous cover. When you see it, it grabbed your attention entirely. And that’s what happened to me. Furthermore, I like the premise of the book. I love urban fantasy if isn’t obvious already. So with all these things in mind, I decided to try it out. Oh boy, sadly it didn’t live to hype of the summary and the cover. This is really a downfall because I’m expecting a lot. Also, I read that it was written by a British/English author, I think, I haven’t tried any British books (nope, I haven’t read Harry Potter and don’t ask why, I just wont). So I was really expecting something else. Unlike Good Oil (an Aussie book) there aren’t much difference between the cultures of American and English. So I wasn’t really that confused with some references, and conversation.

On the story itself, it was ok. Maybe it’s my high expectations, that’s why I’m utterly disappointed with the book. Though, there are still parts that I like. I really like the idea of Nissilum. I mean I already read of school, camp of supernaturals. But I haven’t encountered, at least from what I remember, of a different dimension for these supernatural creatures (where they dwell most of their living days). So I really, really like it. It’s new to me.

As for the characters, no one stick with me. Jane is tad confusing. She likes him or maybe not (both Evan and Luca). I want her to make up her mind. Will it be or will not?! But at least, unlike most heroines these days, she wasn’t claiming she was in love to neither of them. I mean, I get that. That for me is more realistic. She was attracted, yes. I was delighted that she knew the fine (more of broad) line between the attraction and love (or like in the shallowest level). The guys weren’t remarkable, sad to say. Luca is a goody good (not that I prefer bad boys…or maybe, sometimes) for a werewolf. It’s ok, but it was too flat. Boring, even. You can be a nice guy without being dull, Peeta Mellark for example. And Evan, is pushy and pretty obvious. I know that he’s hiding sometime villainous behind the façade. It’s so darn obvious.

Having said that, I’m gonna read the second book. It was ok. The pacing was ok too, forgot to mention that. There is something likable about this book…maybe it’s really is just my high expectations.