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Title: Dark Heart Rising Author: Lee Monroe Series: (Dark Heart...

Title: Dark Heart Rising
Author: Lee Monroe
Series: (Dark Heart Forever #2)

This is better, way better than the first book. I just like Soren so much (a new character) that it’s all worth the additional half star.

The book continues where it left. Living in entire different world, it seems Luca and Jane’s love is not meant to happen. Much worst, Luca’s family is planning to marry him to another girl (er, werewolf girl). So to mend her broken heart, Jane decided to visit her grandmother in Paris, France. There he met a guy name Soren, and he has connection to Nissilum. He is persuading her to fight her love for Luca. In fact, the reason why he is helping her is because of her connection to Nissilum. He needed to come back for her sister and amends what he did in the past.

What I like about this series is it doesn’t hold back the information for plot sake. I think I mentioned it plenty of time that is one of my peeves. After a few pages I knew what Soren was (ok, not exactly who he is) is — well, somehow… not until the end of the book for the final disclosure. At least, I have an idea what he was… he wasn’t the typical mysteriously annoying character. He is somehow cool. Not somehow, he is cool. I like him, he has this good vibes that I’m getting and I love his personality. I also like Jane here. She is still inconsistent (maybe that’s really her personality; I am that too, you know. Lol, it’s like a kettle calling pot black, haha— that saying). Will she help or not, I want her to make up her mind. But of course it was confusing on her defense, with stuff revealing every now and then, especially about Soren’s past.

Luca is so bland, I think more even so in here. He is like a walking nothing in the book. I tell you — He. is. so. dull. He doesn’t have a backbone. I didn’t mean that he needs to defy what his parents told him to prove he have balls. But come on, he is just, ugh. I don’t know… ‘not-so-appealing’ for the lack of better word/s.

And Raphael, what’s the deal with him anyway? I thought the other POV in the book is Luca (which is thankfully it wasn’t) but it was Raphael (Evan in the first book). And like Jane, I was confused with the sudden friendship between them. Like, did he really forget and forgive what he did to her soulmate— no, her destiny and her family? The friendship was completely inexplicable. Not that I’m saying he should stay mad at him, but I don’t see any foundation where that supposed closeness/friendship is made. It was rushed, and it got me confused.

Ah, the ending… what can I say? It’s the same as the first book – all’s-well-that-ends-well. If there’s a third book, I wouldn’t be surprise if they are still not together. Maybe her family will find him another bride, or locked him to the pits of Nissilum. It could be anything. Because when the second book started they haven’t even have the time to at least broaden, or to let the readers witness what is there in their relationship. Is it just mystically connected so that’s equals love? Or there’s really love in it. You know. I probably have been convinced if Jane falls for Soren (not that I’m rooting for him or anything) but they been together (longer than Luca), and she saw him for what he is/was — as the evil he was before.

Speaking of ending, it was quite a quick resolve, so Luca decided to be with her. And finally had the guts to pulled it off. But what about Raphael? Soren? (ok, so I might be tad biased about him) and Lila? It wasn’t completely concluded. Their story was hanged in a balance and I wasn’t sure if it fall right into place.

PS. Love, love the cover!