Author: Michelle Rowen
Series: (Nightwatcher #1)
Expected publication: May 22nd 2012 by Harlequin Teen

I received an eARC from Harlequin Teen via Netgalley. Thank you.

I enjoyed Michelle Rowen’s Demon Princess series so when I saw that she has a new YA series, I automatically added it on my to-read pile. I’m glad it was available on netgalley and particularly happy to read the book this early. So much thanks goes to them and of course Harlequin Teen. <3

It’s really a bad habit of mine not checking the books (especially those with lovely, enticing covers) thoroughly. Would you believe I added it without even reading the blurb? So when I got my copy that was when I decided to peek around to see what the book is all about. And I found out that it’s about demon, angels and some in between. And that ‘some in between’ is our main heroine. Samantha is a gray, not just an ordinary one, she’s special. What I find really unique about this book unlike most books with this kind of theme, demon and angels are working together. They are fighting grays, these are soulless humans who are craving for human souls. According to them souls are like fuel used by heaven and hell to maintain some sort of balance. And the increasing number of grays is threatening that balance. So they must work together.

Sam was kissed and because of that her soul was stripped out of her. She’s now a gray too, but she’s different. She has unknown abilities. She’s even helping Bishop, an angel and other angels (and demons) on their mission on finding the person responsible for this problem. But that person knows about her true identity and what makes Sam special.

I liked this book. Not as humorous as the Demon Princess series but I really liked the idea concocted by the author. Though, I agree it is far from original. The kissing and losing the soul in the process is something I already read before. That part reminded me of Demon Kissed by H.M. Ward (a series I already dropped). But that’s where the similarities end. Glad to say I enjoyed this book—a lot. The characters are enjoyable; Samantha was a nice main lead. Whereas Bishop, I don’t know if I like that he was sometimes weak and erratic. Vulnerable. The romance was ok it wasn’t unbearable cheesy and typically overdone. I liked that ‘demon-angel-gray’ plot is the one highlighted the most.

I think the pace was a little inconsistent though. I find the beginning really messy with Bishop acting like a drunk person slash lost boy that needed direction. Then I was surprised that he was stabbing this guy <spoiler>turns out this guy, Kraven is Bishop’s brother<spoiler> then he even attacked Sam. He just went from attacking to saving her  from the guy he stabbed (Kraven), telling him she’s special. And the transition kinda confused me. Kraven was a little weird for me too. But he started to warm up on me, mainly when I found out his connection with Bishop. And well…really, he’s not half bad. Although I sometimes find his sarcasm a little overboard.

Dark Kiss is a good start. I liked that I got to know what Sam is, the world, the problem and everything else and it still managed to grab me, lure me to read the sequels because there are more things to know. Needs confirmation. I’m really impressed that even though I know that this book is part of a series, the book still has solid end. Definitely can’t wait to read more.