Author: J. A. London
Series: (Darkness Before Dawn #1)
Published: May 29th 2012 by
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Categories: Paranormal, Dystopia/Post-Apocalyptic

I set the bar a little lower this time. Especially after I read The Immortal Rules, which shares the same premise, a mix of paranormal (vampires) and dystopian story. And after the disappointment that is The Hunt, I don’t think any book can topple Julie Kagawa’s vampire/post-apocalyptic book on my list. Or so I thought.

The Immortal Rules, The Hunt and now, Darkness Before Dawn: all have the same basic idea but thank goodness I find a gem in Darkness Before Dawn. No, it is not as action-packed or as clever as TIR but there’s something really entertaining about this book. I was really glued to the pages, wanting more about Dawn, about the story. But I was little (just little) pissed off that not only did it end on a cliffhanger but it hasn’t told what Dawn is yet (if there’s really there to divulge or I’m just being paranoid here. I re-read the prologue and the guy said she’s from some special lineage. Still no clue as to what the real deal is. ;)). They been telling that she was ‘special’ but I don’t see anything special about her. So I’m intrigued.

So here’s the gist: Vampires won the war and so a treaty was created called VampHu. Dawn was chosen as the delegate for humans. As their representative she’s the one keeping the affairs between human and the vampire lord she was serving, Lord Valentine. She despised vampires, thought of them as monster as they live by feeding human blood. Not until she met Victor, Lord Valentine’s son. Victor saved her from a vampire attack not knowing that he, himself is also a vampire. When Lord Valentine asked her presence she met Victor again and was surprised that not only he was a vampire but the son of the person she loathes.

There were few bits of this book that crafted contrived to be totally honest. From the start I kinda have a hunch that Victor is a vampire. Dawn, on the other hand, was sorta an enigma to me (how come she’s special?) and that’s because there’s no indicator or anything that can support my guess. Though I have an idea in mind. I actually expected it to be really tacky when it comes to the romance. But it wasn’t all that, or wasn’t that much for me. There’s this ‘I’m not good for you,’ ‘I’m monster,’ and ‘we’re not meant to be’ that played out in Dawn and Victor’s relationship. What left a bad after taste for me was once again they fell in love with no solid reason. When Victor said about her being different and brave (and beautiful) I find that ironic, because she wasn’t that for me at all (at least not the beautiful part, she is pretty in my head). I know because I’m reading the story through her, and she wasn’t completely what Victor described. But here’s the thing, I surprisingly liked them together that I’m going to be lenient this time and will just overlook that detail.

The vampires here are what we all know. They can be killed through stake in the heart and sunlight. So no vampires are walking on broad daylight. BUT that’s what they thought, there’s new breed of vampires ones that can’t be affected by sunlight (daywalkers) and vamps who feed on other vamps. There’s also political situation included in the story regarding vampire ruling. And I find those things fascinating tidbits.

If it wasn’t for the sneak peek I’ll be all in rage right now. I already detest cliffhanger but cutting it in the middle of a scene? damn right I’m mad. I’m still a little pissed off because I didn’t get that much from the excerpt. But I can take what I can get. Anyway, liked this book! Can’t wait to read what’s next. xD