Fiction / In which Mitchii blabbers about her (irrational) fears of book lending.

There are no public libraries here in PH like the ones in US have. Ok, that’s a misleading statement, I mean we do have public libraries, we’re still not that deprive of such facilities *coughs* that said, it’s more academic than leisure. So if we want book, we provide—or some other people afford it for us. *bless the good hearts of these people* And even though I’m not reading books lately my stance on taking good care of books remains the same. The books in the shelves at homes are still in their pristine condition. I dusted them once in a while (because air pollution here in Manila is just too darn scary! forced-temper), although I have yet done rearranging which feels like eons ago. But books are fine & dandy!

Now, am I the only person who is actually scared of showcasing her book collection to acquaintances? Am hoping not! See, I can stop fidgeting when they start eyeing the books. Then they took one, read the summary, shows interest on their faces. And then the most nail-biting spoken words will leave their mouths: “Can you lend it to me?” *runs*

Ok, I’m selfish I know! But I’m not too keen on lending books. I’m very meticulous when it comes my books. Although thankfully no one has massacred any of my books so far (and let’s keep the record that way). The worst has ever been is that they didn’t return it on time (took one year for it to return).  But I’m somewhat of a pushover…cutewhen a question deemed an immediate response, I panic and give in. So when a person who’s close to me then asks me to borrow my books, I will still stagger for an answer.

However I haven’t lent a book to a bookworm who does treasure books. Because I did borrow a book before (rare cases though). I always make it sure to return it on the promise time & see to it than no harm has happened with the book while on my care.  It is because I know how important books are to us, bibliophiles. So I want to return the gesture. Occasional readers seem to be different though (I think… <- clear disclaimer there). Like my sisters lent their books to friends: one has never returned (like 5 years & counting…pretty sure it’s in junk shop already…or recycled into something else *sighs*) and the other smelled like a rotten sandwich (why the mayonnaise stain on the spine & some pages??!! sweatdrops) *fist in the air* Still, I’m pretty lucky that mine was returned though I’ve waited for some time, the bottom-line is it came back.

So in case you’re not a hardcore bibliophile, and you like to loan, I hope that you’ll make sure to take care of it. To me they’re priceless collection. It’s not about the money but the memories I had while reading the book is more than monetary investment. So if the person lends it to you in great condition, kindly return it the same way. Think of it as a simple form of gratitude to this generous person. Yes? wink

So how about you, do you have an irrational fear of lending books like me? Have you had a bad experience about it? Share your thoughts with me!


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  1. Tasya says:

    I feel you! I really hate lending people my books because I know they think “it’s only books” But for me, those books are more important than my phone! Most of the time I make countless excuses like “my sister is reading it at the moment” ((I know I’m horrible)). I only lend my books to someone I know would take care of it or at least won’t make any fatal damage! I don’t really mind how long they borrow the book, as long as they return it eventually, because life happens and not everyone read 24/7 like us XD

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I forgot that it takes some time for people to read. I’m such a fast reader that I find inexcusable to not to return it on time, plus I borrow only when I have the time read & tell the person when I’ll return. It’s not the same everyone… *feels ashamed* But it’s really hard to lend books to people who see books as just books (when it for us it’s more)

  2. Kezia Liemen says:

    Mitchii, you just reminded me that I have one book I lent to my cousin two years ago which she never returns sadly D; I’ve always had those fears since I take great care of my physical books to the point everyone says I’m slightly OCD. I bought them with my own saving so I have this sense of ownership I guess? And those physical copies are expensive (damn dollar rates! ;A; ) To top it off, I like to keep all my books (including my school textbooks) neat so I only lend them to trusted people andddd warn them not to fold the edges of the paper or ruin the cover, etc. Fortunately though, when I lend some books to my classmates, they read them right away and gave the books back in the following week at most in the same good condition. So I guess they’re nice hahahaha 😀 BUT THE ONE I LENT TO MY COUSIN 🙁 I was so skeptical when she asked since she said that it would be her first time reading an English book but I couldn’t refuse cause she’s a family member and my uncle was there so yeah I totally regret doing that. And I have no idea how to bring that topic up again it was years ago. I should probably stop rambling lol.

    • Kezia Liemen says:

      Oh my god look at this monstrous paragraph ^^;

    • Mitchii G. says:

      A very well appreciated monstrous paragraph! *winks*

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I think you are entitled to be like that. You pay for it, you take care of it. I don’t understand why some people don’t even try to take care of something that uprightly not theirs. Even if it’s not a book; even if it’s something lent, I used it with care, becasue it’s not mine. It’s just something that’s loaned therefore it’s the right way to handle it properly and return when you said you will. *sighs*

  3. agatha says:

    omg I would love to know how you cover your books with plastic?!?! like its not like a clear wallpaper kind of thing? its just plastic and you cover the book with it? ugh I’m horrible at trying to explain…but the plastic cover thing is a great idea and my grandma told me that the other day but I didn’t think about it until now and asdfghjkl I want to protect my precious babies. Oh and I have never lent books, I mean I have no that I think about it, to my family only tho but I get the whole lending thing because my brothers sometimes mess up my books and its just like DAMMIT DUDE WHY?!?! aha.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Art/School supplies stores here sell plastic cover, which is mainly use for covering books (or notebooks). I’m not sure if you have one there but you can buy them anywhere here in the Philippines. Yes, I just cover them with plastic becasue my copies are 99% paperback and I want to lessen the shelf wear as much as possible.

      Well, I hope by the time you actually lend a book that person will take care of it. ;D

  4. Zoe says:

    I understand your pain 100%. I have a strict no lending policy and refuse to even let my own family members borrow a book. To be honest, it’s probably due to all the times I was horribly traumatized as a young child, when my kindness was taken for granted and as a result, my poor books suffered. I mean, my aunt still hasn’t returned my one book after 6 years and my sister returned my prized Hunger Games novels with bunny-eared edges, that awful crease mark on the spine of the book, and the edges of the cover ripped! MY BEAUTIFUL BOOK WAS RIPPED. Not to mention how she had the audacity to tape the inside of my book cover because it was “annoying her.” Yeah, those were the last books I’ve ever lent to her, or anyone for that matter. My books are basically my children, and if you touch them, you die. Plus, I’m pretty sure I have OCD, especially when it comes to my lovely books, so if anything happens to them even if it’s as small as a microscopic rip no one will ever see, I will notice and it will haunt me for the rest of my life. Thus, it’s absolutely necessary for me to go to the bookstore and buy a completely new copy. Yes, I know, I have an extremely unhealthy obsession with books. I could go on for days about how important they are to me and that I must always have them in tip top condition, but this paragraph is already pretty long, so I’ll end it here at my compulsive book buying.

    P.S. Loving your blog and it’s so, so, so very pretty!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Haha, don’t worry long comments is greatly appreciated. I love when comments talked about what they thought of the topic I just shared. It’s nice to know opinions, even different from mine, about the same subject.

      That was really horrible! How can they let that happen to something that they don’t own? I’m super careful of things I borrowed and to know some people have an audacity to do this make super stricter with my books (more than I already am). I think it’s understandable that you want to buy new copy; I would if I were you. Books are not merely just a book to us and to retain their pristine condition is something we all booklovers do!

      And thank you, I hope I didn’t scare you with my nonsense and whatnots, ahaha. <333

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