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Title: Dearly, Departed Author: Lia Habel Series: (Dearly #1) Published:...

Title: Dearly, Departed
Author: Lia Habel
Series: (Dearly #1)
Published: October 18th 2011 by Random House Publishing Group

So, Dearly Departed is a book about zombies. Not Die for Me zombies. Not Dead Beautiful zombies either. They’re zombies, zombies. In the truest sense of the word. Yes, they are the dead then reanimated creatures, the flesh craving ones, the missing limbs ones, the rotting tissues the whole shebang—in short, the living corpse! Yikes! (No offense to the zombies)

I’m quite cautious when selecting zombie books. Not really a huge fan of zombie. I mean the idea of falling in love (yes peeps, I most of the time include romance in the equation. That’s one of my requirements). I digress, the idea of a romantic affair with a living dead with a flesh that should be emitting putrid smell doesn’t sound so appealing to me (and hopefully neither are you) But Die for Me by Amy Plum made me reconsider and Yvonne Woon’s Dead Beautiful made the rotting part of the zombies less repulsive. So with the enticing cover and my enthusiasm that maybe, just maybe things are different than normal, I decided to try the book. And oh man, you know what greeted me—the “I was buried alive” line. Yes, this book embraces the zombies we all knew. So that part, to put it subtly, was not really my fancy.

As for the story, it was kinda ok. A bit confusing though, probably because there are too many narrators. Two is more than enough for me. This book? It has five POV, I think. Plus, I was expecting a bit different. It says that it was steampunk, dystopian kinda thing. But please forgive my imagination but I couldn’t picture the setting the way it was described. It wasn’t as lush as Leviathan. I do get the Victorian Era part, glad the author gave a bit of the background of the book’s world. But it was overwhelming. And the multiple POV didn’t help cleared up things for me, in fact it made it worst. Moreover, the book is more of the Night of the Living Death (hey, it’s a good thing) than other genre that this book should be.

The characters were hardly memorable. No one stood out for me. This is kinda strange since there are a lot of them talking here. Maybe it hindered me to fully build their characters because, for me, the book focused more on the plot and kind of disregarded the others things, like the characters.

Don’t let start me with the romance. I totally and don’t want to imagine it. Just the thought of Nora kissing Bram *chills* Erase. Erase. Normally, I should be—Oh, isn’t that sweet but instead I was—Damn, how can she kiss him?

I did enjoy the book. It was entertaining enough. I might read the sequel. But I have to brace myself of another round of zombie infestation! But in all fairness, some of them are on the strict diet!

Tofu anyone? It has lots of proteins. ^.^