Are you the sensitive kind of fan? The kind that minds people opinion over your faves? Do you? Well, if you ask me if I am, I will say…it depends! Even they’re my faves I’m not blind of what its flaws. I understand not everything is perfect. But what I’m after when I’m reading is not perfection, it’s about the connection I have with the stories that I read.

And yet, I still see people mad about other people criticizing their favorites. Sure, I do tend to be a little soft when it comes to my favorites but I do acknowledge a good criticism when I read one. And I think being able to embrace the flaws (not be blinded by it) is a good sign that you have liked it despite its shortcomings. If you’re type of reader like I am where her number one priority is enjoyment then you don’t want a perfect story, you want something that you can personally immerse into and be satisfied with it. I mean, in reality—and we can all agree—that reading is subjective. Not everyone has the exact same experience even if they read the exact same story.

And I think being able to embrace the flaws (not be blinded by it) is a good sign that you have liked it despite its shortcomings.

I think it’s futile to argue over someone else’s opinion. I saw cases of people verbally attacking someone because they don’t share the same sentiment. And that for me that is obviously wrong. Expressing yourself by reviewing or giving legit critiques is not bashing. The keyword when it comes to media consumption is subjectivity! You don’t expect people to like what you like or hate what you hate and vice versa. So when I see someone go the length to quarrel to the other party just because they diss their faves is too immature and again fruitless endeavor. You better spend your time and enjoying or go the people who “DO” like it—seriously, why anger yourself over it?! Give yourself a favor and avoid stress!

Of course there are people who acts like trolls who give baseless comments over your faves exist! But the same thing should be done, leave them be! At least when you’re arguing with someone who is gracious enough to speak sound reasoning why they didn’t like it, these people have already closed their minds! And feeding to their baiting is even beyond futile! Again, leave them despite the lack of logic, it’s their opinion and your reception is the most important thing here.

Sometimes I do get sensitive over my faves but I always have my own avenue to speak about it (thanks to this blog!!) The point is respecting that everyone has their own opinions! If I really like it and it entertain me better than I expect, then for me it’s enough? Since reading is such personal activity, mine and mine alone values more. At least that’s what I think, while I respect other people’s opinion I still think that may fave is a fave even just me who thinks of it that way.