Author: C.J. Redwine
Series: (Defiance #1)
Expected publication: August 28th 2012
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Categories: Dystopia, Science Fiction

I received an eARC from HarperCollins (Balzer + Bray) via Edelweiss. Thank you.

I have things mixed up and thought of Defiance differently than what it really was. Honestly, my expectations were pretty high. All the things I want and enjoy in a novel were here (or I thought were here). Interesting world, a strong female protagonist (with a mission (goal) and that’s totally kick-ass in my book); a love interest who is not just another pretty face but with actual personality. And the romance? Thank goodness it wasn’t insta-love.

That sounds good right? Almost. I did enjoy Defiance but it fell a little short (just a little.) There are few misses here and there but overall it was actually good (and really, my small complaints were personal and should be totally ignored). So that thing cleared up, let’s get this started:

When Rachel Elizabeth Adam’s father did not return from his courier mission, her life suddenly changed. Her father was pronounced dead and Logan McEntire, her dad apprentice and the boy she fell in love with (and still love) was now her Protector. Protectors were usually an older male or a relative. So that was a very unusual case. Rachel, and so was Logan were surprised that her father had trusted his daughter to him. But Rachel still thinks that her father was still alive somewhere so she sneaked out and tried to find him. Logan followed her and they were eventually caught by the authorities. The incident caught the attention of the commander and it cost her someone she loved.

Now I get why the girl on the cover looked fierce. She’s not an inch a damsel in distress. I thought she’s a weak girl, because really, who needs a protector? Someone who cannot protect themselves. Someone fragile. But she can protect herself. Her dad taught her how to fight. She had fair share of fighting here. She could be a stubborn to a fault but I sort of like it. It wasn’t annoying, like you want to knock some sense to them. Her stubbornness comes with her loyalty to the people she loved (which happens to be the reason why she was in such mess. But I rather preferred her like this than a helpless heroine.)

See, I told you I have several things mixed up, though admittedly I’m quite relieved that I’m wrong. Logan was her protector. And I initially thought Logan was this brooding, sword wielding guy. But here’s the thing: he’s more than that. He’s an inventor, he got brains girls. And no, he doesn’t fall to the nerd type. Because he knows his sword skills too. Like I said he’s not just another pretty face. I don’t know if I like that this guy is too cautious and think too far ahead (he always thinks of the best and worst things could happen…like a lot of times) maybe it comes with him being a science guy. But really, he’s nice. I like him.

Well, there’s the mandatory romance. Logan rejected her before but her love came back with a vengeance LOL. Between the bantering lies the hidden affection towards each other. I know it’s expected. Rachel is sometimes—a lot—reckless while Logan plans things out. So their traits balance each other. So me likes their relationship. 😉

I love, love that this book was told in alternating povs (Rachel and Logan). And towards the end, the novel was full of action, a lot of sword swinging, beast slaying moments. There were also sad instances that you want to console her because of her unwise decisions (she did what she needed to do). But their flawed characters made them more interesting…and real.

Overall, I liked it. What else is there to say? 😀