Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Series: Covenant #3
Published: November 6th 2012
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Categories: Fantasy, Mythology

I appreciate the fact that the story is heading in a different direction. A direction which unfortunately is still not all original to me. But I appreciate it. Really. But the characters are still an issue to me. It’s another matter altogether. I liked that even though I think it’s late for them to evolve to characters that will make them ‘them,’ I still saw traces of personalities—which I have no proof, entirely baseless, and just relying on my observation (though it was plain obvious) as well other people’s—of the characters from another popular book series. I said before (and eventually became my mantra every time I read this series) that in order to enjoy this book I have to disregard those pesky thoughts about how closely similar they are. But being a huge fan of the other one, I can’t help but frown every time there’s something that reminds me of them in this book. They are developing but entirely on plot related phase but their backbones are sadly hard to dismiss. I can’t. I really can’t. And I find wee bit disappointing that it is something will always play against the book despite the progress happening with the story. Too bad.

Ok, so let’s put the characters aside for a moment and let me say something about the story. The story is definitely moving positively albeit slow than expected. While there bombs thrown here it wasn’t explosive…but it wasn’t completely silent. It had impact but it lacked the shocking value. It did surprise me but in some way I instinctively knew that this is how it’ll turn out. I kinda guessed it along the way and not because it left clues in the book. I just knew because it was somehow predictable for my taste.

Seth, and the Apollyon tidbit was something I consider uniquely its own. But Seth became entirely different person. I did have suspicious that he’ll become what he is now but the way he was transformed into this power hungry jerk was a low blow to his character. I know there’s a dark side to this man but I want to see that part in a transition where it is visible to the readers. I want an evolution, a proper one at that. But he went straight to a new level like he’s in a warp zone and went directly in there with even a single stop over. Surprising? No. Disconnected? Yes.

The way it was set (yes, pun intended) to me was rushed and forced.

The problem I have with Dimi—Aidan and Ros—Alex was that they were the not the characters the book want me to treat them. A huge percent of my reading time was allocated with me convincing myself that they are not the other “it” couple. But their personalities are too close for comfort. Even with Aidan’s manner of speaking was awfully reminded me of Dimitri. It was something very him. Yep, still the same old brand new issue. I guess I need to stop thinking and ranting about it.

So for the book’s credits. Yes, there were, I’m not that cold. I know how to give a proper credit where it is due. I said before that the story is progressing, the fancy mythology was starting to act up and there was this revelation about Alex that added some info about her background. Oh yeah, she finally awakened. Finally.

I will still continue the series despite my negatively inclined review and my hushed qualms, I still have faith in this series (the story but the characters? not so much but I can still handle it). My interest still hasn’t died down. Not yet, at least.

PS: No one can beat Fred—er, I mean Apollo from the Percy Jackson series. He’s the man, I mean the god. :silly: