(We’re interrupting the rainyink’s ‘lil anniv bash for some otaku goodies)

It comes from being huge anime fan is loving the music that comes from it. I anticipate Opening/Ending songs as much as I do with the anime itself. Being an otaku made me a huge fan of Japanese music (for obvious reasons). I love how it has so many genres and me being a music lover that knows no language barrier, I can’t help but fell in love with the music scene there. So in case your playlist needs some variety I give you songs from anime you might like!

Shiver – Lucy Rose (Mushishi)

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Fact #1 Lucy Rose is an English singer songwriter and this isn’t the first time that foreign artists share their songs for anime series/movies; even Avril Lavigne done that for One Piece. Fact #2 since this was by an English singer, the song is fully in English so if you’re bit intimidated by the language then try it out.

PS: You might be interested listening to her singing Bad Blood for BBC Radio.

I Call You Love – Meister (Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad)

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Beck is about rock/alternative band therefore it is about music; yet even without hearing the music I still enjoyed it. It is essential for me to believe that songs were great if I were to hear it personally; but that didn’t become a hinder when I decided to plunge myself into this awesomeness. I knew the title via the anime first, and for me the songs from this series are entertaining. But one song from the OST that I still can’t forget even after so many years—I Call You Love. Hunting, very hunting song.

Saints (聖者たち) – People in the Box (Tokyo Ghoul)

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BASS! THAT SEXY, SEXY BASS!!! I don’t hide how big of a fan I am of Tokyo Ghoul. I love the OST, especially the first season’s opening song—Unravel. But wait, why Saints not Unravel you say? Because I think it has more cohesive chords and quite breathtaking rhythm than Unravel. For me it is simultaneously soft and busy.

Lonely in Gorgeous – Tommy February6 (Paradise Kiss)

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In the interest of full disclosure I hated the anime. But the only lifeline that was holding me to this series was its songs. Lonely in Gorgeous is a fun song. Tommy February6 (then, I don’t know what’s her name now or if she’s still active since she changed names quite a few times? then formed band like Brilliant Green). I liked the video, the song itself was mellow yet somewhat crazy drunk.

And oh, Franz Ferdinand (a Scottish band) did the Ending song called Do You Want To. You might want to check that one, too.

It’s Gonna Rain! – Bonnie Pink (Rurouni Kenshin)

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That sexy bass again, the stunning sax and the whole jazzy fun vibe! Who would not appreciate this little piece of gem? Hailing back from 1997, the oldest song from this bunch, I can’t help feel nostalgic every time I listen to this song. But that aside the song was really awesome!

After Dark – Asian Kung-Fu Generation (Bleach)

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I think Haruka Kanata (from Naruto) & Rewrite (from Fullmetal Alchemist) share the similar melodies here and there, but After Dark was quite different. It’s not very loud and hectic as the two songs (that I do like btw) that it had more impact to me despite being mellowed down and simple. Plus, check out the video it’s pretty awesome, too!

Abnormalize – Ling Tosite Sigure (Psycho-Pass)

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For the record: Unravel > Saints > Abnormalize. Ok, are we clear? Now, this song is the first song I’ve heard of Ling Tosite Sigure via the awesome, awesome anime series, Psycho-Pass (I even found out that Victoria Schwab might’ve seen this anime, so you better watch it too!) When I first heard/seen it I was completely spellbound. I can’t stop listening to it. I couldn’t hit the fast forward button despite being excited to watch the next episode already. That awesome!!! And TK’s (the band vocalist) falsetto is too sexy for words!!!

Overnight Appointment (午夜の待ち合わ) by Hello Sleepwalkers

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Frenzied melodies, fun rhythm, and very literally colorful video. This screams coolness and awesomeness all in three minutes. Plus, y’all should be watching Noragami because Yato needs some lovin~!!!<3 (second season is airing btw!)

Bonus: The Beginning – ONE OK ROCK (Rurouni Kenshin Movie)

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First I heard they did a song for the movie. Rorouni Kenshin is big in my country; they even did the Asian Premiere here in the Philippines. And for the first time (?) a Japanese artist will have a concert here (in January you guys!!!) I tell ya people, if Asian music (aside from our own) is concern the PH market is dominated by KPOP so it’s breath of fresh air to know that Japanese artist is dropping by to share their music. You’ll never know it’ll open possibilities. *crosses fingers*

Oh the song! IT IS GREAT!!! Their English (accent) was clear/neutral which I admit surprised me. They even did some collaboration with Simple Plan and sang this beautiful acoustic rendition of Thousand Miles. This band has great songs on their resume. Better check them out!

Do you watch anime? Are you also interested with Japanese Music? Which ones are your faves?

(Next in my music mini-series is Filipino Music aka OPM look out for that!)