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Title: Demon Kissed Series: (Ivy Taylor #1) Author: H.M. Ward...

Title: Demon Kissed
Series: (Ivy Taylor #1)
Author: H.M. Ward

This is going to be a very fast review so if you happen to stumble anything out of order, that’s me, and my persuasive nature of posting while I’m in not so good mood.

Hmm, not good mood, eh? But let me break it you, I absolutely like the books I’ve read recently. I’m so pump up to give my thoughts about it, even though I’m scarcely hunting for good words (except, awesome) to express how I love the book. I’m starting with Demon Kissed, since a like it a little less than Born at Midnight (and I read it first).

The story is about Ivy and she was… well, as the title goes, been kissed by a demon — a valefar actually. They are humans, I think, that soul had been sucked by demons and was replaced by their blood hence they are what they are. They live by sucking humans soul. Of course when there’s evil they have their heavenly equivalent, right? Or that’s dooms day in every angle. That’s what Martis are for, they have the attributes of an angel and the ones that were designated to fight off these valefars. Martis manifestation starts when the human turn 17 but when Ivy was kissed by a demon her sort of tattoo on the upper part of her eyebrow turn purple, and she was tainted. To make matter worst, she was the one prophesized to cease all Martis and freed the evilest of all (sorry, I forgot the name).

That’s basically the story (presented — sorry beforehand — in a very sarcastic way). Anyways, the story is unique. Unique in a way it was told in very refreshing manner. But of course good versus evil is not really a new idea, but I like how the author used new terms (hopefully, I think it’s new, so I don’t need to retract myself again later). They are not the obvious descendants of angels like most books used that overused idea (pun intended). I like the technical abilities of the Martis; like the seyers (fortune tellers), healers and soldiers. The sucking of soul is quite innovative for me too (at least it’s not blood anymore) and partly much eviler than just taking pints of blood out of a human being — well, that’s just me. Suffice to say, the Demon Kissed plot is engaging and distinctive.

This is why I snatched the one star out of the almost awesome book – the characters didn’t leave any big impression to me. And no, they aren’t shallow, nor not develop. It just… they don’t have any personality. Ivy is… see, I can’t even describe her. Whiny? Yes (it’s like built in chip in YA heroines, standard protocol) Stubborn? Of course. But some characteristic will leave a mark in its readers, not much I guess (or none at all if I’m being uptight). Like I said, I can even properly describe her, and not just her, sadly all of the characters. Eric, Shannon, Collin – well, as for Collin, I can, say the least, is he gave me a total rollercoaster ride of approval. I’m seeing him as the poor guy who is in love with her friend (in short, nice guy) to not nice guy, to nice guy again to completely evil and turned out he is not, he is actually nice and never was evil. What a confusing ride. At least I remember his character a bit. And for clarification, I do remember the characters but that wasn’t sufficient enough to hold my interest — to remember them solidly.

Though the plot was good, characters are, for me, very (as in very) important. I can’t appreciate a book, even executed impressively without a stellar and interesting characters (or just a character, one is enough, I can live by that).

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