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Author: Tahereh Mafi Series: (Shatter Me #1.5) Published: October 2nd...

Author: Tahereh Mafi
Series: (Shatter Me #1.5)
Published: October 2nd 2012 by
Publisher: HarperCollins
Categories: Dystopia, Science Fiction

I have to carefully form my thoughts and try not to sound the super excited Warner fan that I am. I’ve been eager to rationally explain why I like/prefer him. But this novella did that for me. And I thanked Tahereh Mafi for having this novella written that I can finally give a rebuttal to those who accused him, labeled him negatively. But having said that, he’s indeed not a saint in disguise but he’s not a complete devil either. His character has lots of gray shades you want to discover. After reading this novella, I got a peek from what’s underneath the surface. There’s certainly more to him than what Juliette just saw with her eyes.

Let me start with me saying he has ‘heart.’ He’s not downright hollowed and cold blooded person as they assumed he was. Oh, did he fool us on Shatter Me when he decided to publicly shot one of his soldiers? To think that from his own father admission that it was his very first public execution. While I don’t condone the action but I little part of me was agreeing and saw it justifiable when the said soldier has a good reason to get executed. Now I won’t get in details but that Fletcher guy is no good and Warner’s real reason was not solely because of what he did with the supplies.

Warner is a very organized person. He wants everything in exact order. He wants things in precision. He’s analytical. It was his coping mechanism for the things he had to deal in his nineteen years of life. This is all Warner, the author has written his voice completely different from Juliette. Gone the excessive metaphors, random numbers, and overwhelming strikethroughs. What I read is a very direct, clear voice that thoroughly resembles Warner’s personality. And truth to be told, I love his voice better than Juliette (and not because I like him better). To read a piece of the story from Warner’s perspective is undeniably enjoyable and really interesting. I’m not only after retracting those wrong and quick assumptions that got me all hyped and pumped up but it’s also learning more about him. About his relationship with his father. His soldiers. His sector. Himself. And of course, Juliette.

“That this girl would know exactly how to shatter me.”

I never hide that I’m all for Juliette-Warner. From the very start I want him for Juliette. And this novella made the relationship not only plausible but reasonable. They share similar experiences. Brought in a very harsh and unloved environment. He finally knew what had gone into her head all those times. What caught me off guard was Warner’s dreams—fantasy? of Juliette. Or did he just miss her that much that she has a life of her own inside his head and dominating his thoughts?

Now let’s get some spoiling; the supreme commander, his father was the real sociopath. Even Warner pales in comparison. He treats his son similarly as he treat his soldiers. He is the person who wants Warner to be this cold ruler, govern only by rules. Self-serving rules. What scary dude if you ask me. And to know his plans for Juliette, no wonder Warner cannot allow him to execute (yes, pun intended) that plan.

Delalieu is Warner’s second in command and I believe he has Warner’s good intention at heart. I have a strong hunch that he might be related to his mother (blood or otherwise) because I can feel the sincerity of his actions. And he’s probably looking after him. But I could be wrong, all of it are assumptions but not entirely baseless.

“This girl is destroying me.”

Yes, this about Warner. But in some way it is also about Juliette and on how she slowly changing this man. Whether you interpret it as good or bad is all up to you.

I want—desire to read Unravel Me but February is still not within reach. Yes, I’m impatience that I have read and spoiled myself by reading a few spoilers. But even breadcrumbs of information will suffice a hungry reader—fan like myself. Still counting the days till Unravel Me.

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