Title: Die for Me
Author: Amy Plum
Series: (Revenants #1)
Pages: 344

I’m a sucker for gorgeous cover; I even put it on my tbr list because the cover was exceptionally gorgeous. But sometimes the only thing that wows me is the cover and I end up being disappointed. Die for Me was one of those—pretty cover, but I’m so happy that it’s not just the cover. I really, REALLY like the story.

I’m not a big fan of zombies. Among the supernaturals out there, this is my least favorite. I mean a walking corpse? No thank you. But I can’t believe how engrossed I was with this book. This book did a huge favor, and now I’m changing my mind about zombies.

After Kate’s parents died, she and her sister moved to Paris, France and live with their grandparents. Kate is still having hard time coping with the lost of their parents. When her grandmother asked her to move around and enjoy the city, (instead moping inside with the company of her books) he met Vincent. One night when her sister Georgia asked her to tag along with her, she saw Vincent again on the bridge trying to save a girl from committing suicide. From then on she always sees him until he formally introduce himself to her. When they went out, she witnessed a terrible accident with Vincent’s friend, Jules. When she noticed that Vincent wasn’t bothered by the dead of his friend, she thought he was cold and heartless. Until Vincent told her about him—about his situation. He is a revenant, a person who already died but managed to came back and have an impulse to save someone’s life. Although she acknowledges Vincent’s existence, she couldn’t bear that thought of seeing him dying, over and over again. She doesn’t want a constant reminder of how her parent’s died. But living without Vincent is also like dying… slowly; she reconciled with him, and accepted all there is to him.

The story wasn’t complicated nor was it unique. It reminds me somehow of Twilight (like that’s new), only the setting is in Paris, France. But I like Kate than Bella, because unlike the popular Twilight heroine, Kate knows how to use her mind (finally), she thinks of her decision thoroughly. She has the guts to let Vincent go, and I know (we all know), they went back in to each others arm at the later part of the book. Well that part at least  proved to me that not every YA heroine are Bella prototype (especially those books are similar with Twilight). She didn’t become irrational because they’re in love. Making every decision out of complete impulse…or worst. While, at some part, she showed sign of your typical damsel in distress; she is not hollowed, swayed by her emotions (romantically speaking, at least not that obvious). Kate is a good heroine. Well, as for Vincent, sad to say, he is no doubt another Edward Cullen clone. No offense, but they really are alike. So in love with the girl, very gentleman, and quite possessive. Yup, all Edward to me. But just like Edward, I like Vincent. I mean, he is a perfect boyfriend, minus the dying part, lol. What can you ask for? And as the story progressed his character started to mold. He have a character of his own, not another Edward in the making. Though far from striking, in fact, I think Jules have more personality than him. Oh Jules, he swept me off my feet. How did he do that? Haha. But oh well, we’ll see if Vincent improves more in the next book.

I kinda feel iffy with Kate hanging around with a corpse, haha. Even if you tell me Vincent isn’t exactly dead (actually he is dead, but will resurrected later on) but still, the thought… not exactly romantic to me (quite disturbing to be honest).

The only thing I find unique about this book is that it introduced a new creature to fawn, haha—the revenants, they’re entirely new idea to me. So I’m really interested when they started explaining things about them. It was typical YA book, yes, but I like it. And as I always said, enjoyment factor matters to me when reading the book. And this one did a great job of delivering it.