Fiction / shipping too much? do I really? not exactly, & here's my TL;DR version

To frequent visitors or those who have followed me for quite some time now you know this topic is coming (‘cos it’s the month yo~!) And for those not in the know—hello there! I’m Mitchii  and I’m a big shipper! *clears throat* Now that I’ve stated that fact, I’m about to, yes, talk about my shipping tendencies! I was told that I ship too hard and too much?! I will wholeheartedly admit about being a hard shipper but too much? Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH SHIPPING??! I guess shipping wise that ‘excessive’ doesn’t exist in my vocabulary huh!

I know that my inclination to ship two or three beautiful characters (faves most of the time) is high!  But there are handful of series that I didn’t have any ships like it’s OK, it exists, but I don’t have that MUCH energy to ship ‘em. I know it’s shocking (coming from me!!) If were to gauge a ratio 8 out of 10 series I read I ship couples like a boss there! But yeah, there instances that I have nada feeling to raise my shippy flag and yell to the void ‘I ship ‘em hard!’ Yes, believe or not there are times.

Let me cite an example, you know Tokyo Ghoul (and :re) yeah, it’s my favorite seinen series (in case you don’t know)! Like I love this shiz, flaws and all but you know what I don’t ship anyone here. I mean there are lovely couples here like the main characters: Touka and Kaneki. I think Kimi and Nishio is one fine couple too, but you guys, I don’t ship them—in a way that even they don’t end up together I won’t feel in that hopeless oblivion full of wreck ships in the bottom of the shipping ocean. No, I don’t have that feeling if ever. While they are nice and all; and they look together and logically and plot wise should end up with each other, I just feel okay-ish with it. Like yeah it’s okay.

I only ship characters that have interactions, have dynamic (platonic or otherwise) or has even just a teeny subtle romantic hint.

OK, this sound like a defense of my case, but allow me to present that not shipper Mitchii too. Yes, she exists although she’s a rare creature to behold. But if someone said that I ship too much I’ll probably say yes because, well duh, it’s true! I take no offense peeps, I’ll take that proudly! I ship a lot: whatever the genre, demographics or story direction if the shippy feels tingles it must! I must do it! But again in my defense, I only ship characters that have interactions, have dynamic (platonic or otherwise) or has even just a teeny subtle romantic hint. So yeah, there’s logic in there (yes, a stretch to use this term but bear with me, people) and just don’t throw two people randomly!

Again shipping ain’t wrong. It does add some fun (sometimes TONS of it)  but there are other things that associated with shippers (which I debunked before) that aren’t rainbow and unicorns (where I think shipping should full of rainbow colored sprinkles because it’s colorful and fun~ giving us all the giddy feelings! Yes?!) And shipping a lot or huge tendency to ship characters in your fandom ain’t wrong either! I’m a shipper! I ship hard—and excessively at that!